Wrist, Hand & Finger Supports

  • IMAK Compression Active Compression Glove Brownmed A20186


    IMAK Compression Active Gray Compression Glove

    The IMAK Compression Active Gloves help encourage a healthy lifestyle by relieving aches, pains, and stiffness associated with hand pain. Glove compresses just enough to increase circulation and warm hands so healing is encouraged. IMAK Active Gloves are...

  • IMAK Compression Arthritis Glove Brownmed A20179

    IMAK Compression

    IMAK Compression Black Arthritis Glove

    IMAK Compression arthritis flexible thumb stabilizer helps prevent and relieve sore, aching, and weak thumbs. It helps relieve pain and protects your thumb during everyday activities.Helps prevent and relieve thumb pain Allows full use of the thumb For...

  • IMAK RSI Wrist Support Brownmed 60000


    IMAK RSI Black Wrist Support, for Either Hand

    The WrisTimer helps prevent and relieve wrist pain associated with CTS, arthritis and tendonitis by encouraging proper hand and wrist position. WrisTimer wrist support provides therapeutic treatment during the day. Finger and hand free design allows a...

  • IMAK Ergo Mouse Wrist Cushion Brownmed A10165

    IMAK Ergo

    IMAK Ergo Mouse Wrist Cushion

    IMAK Non-Skid Mouse Cushion offers all of the same benefits as the original mouse cushion, with the added benefit of a non-skid bottom, so it stays firmly in place while you work. Massaging ergoBeads fill the mouse cushion to offer comfortable support...

  • IMAK RSI Night Wrist Splint Brownmed A10111


    IMAK RSI Blue Night Wrist Splint, for Either Hand

    Don't let carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) pain keep you up at night. Use SmartGlove PM for effective nighttime relief. Rest and night splinting remain the conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. SmartGlove PM provides exceptional comfort and...

  • IMAK RSI Support Gloves with Thumb Extension Brownmed A20163


    IMAK RSI Black Support Gloves with Thumb Extension

    Use SmartGlove for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis, hand fatigue and other wrist and hand pain. Also great for pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome.Helps prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome Increases comfort and circulation...

  • Carpal AID Hand-Based Carpal Tunnel Support Carpal AID LLC UNI6PK

    Carpal AID

    CarpalAid Hand Patch for Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief Adhesive Strip

    Introducing CarpalAid Hand Patch Carpal Tunnel Relief - Quick Pain Relief for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and wrist pain. CarpalAid is designed to deliver effective relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms without the need for invasive measures. Most users...

    As low as $10.98
  • Softpro Champ Wrist / Hand / Finger Splint Performance Health 081104587

    Softpro Champ

    Softpro Champ Blue Wrist / Hand / Finger Splint, for Right Hand

    SoftPro WHFO supports the wrist, fingers and thumb. Easily bends to accommodate radial/ulnar deviation and wrist drop.Soft Kool-Wick washable covers that wick away moisture for a cooler, drier splint The fabric is treated with Bacti-Ban which controls...

  • Ossur Exoform Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Ossur 517083


    Ossur Exoform Black Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support for Left Hand

    Indicated for carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.The exo-skeleton is contoured to ensure an anatomically correct fit and is designed to provide smooth controlled resistance to extreme range of motion The exo-skeleton provides radial and ulnar styled...

  • Premier Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica Bird & Cronin 08144562


    Premier Black Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica, for Right Hand

    Use your fingers as your normally would while wearing Bird & Cronin's Premier wrist brace with thumb spica. It stabilizes, immobilizes and protects the wrist and thumb. Its removable aluminum radial stay immobilizes the MCP (metacarpophalangeal) joint...

  • Sam Finger Splint The Seaberg Company SP510-OB-EN


    Sam Blue / Orange Finger Splint

    Touting unrivaled flexibility, SAM finger splint bends into any simple curve, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive. SAM Splint is globally acclaimed by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, the U.S. military and even NASA...

  • ProLite Airflow Wrist Splint BSN Medical 7589110

    ProLite Airflow

    ProLite Airflow Black Wrist Splint, for Right Hand

    Your wrist is the joint between the two bones of the lower arm (radius and ulna) and the five bones of the hand and is made up of eight carpal bones. The muscles and tendons attached to all these bones allow you to rotate your wrist, as if screwing in a...