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Toilet Tissues and Seat Covers
Toilet Tissues

Few things are worse than using toilet tissue and finding it lacking. Some tissue crumbles in your hands. Others don't have enough absorbency. Or, maybe it feels rougher than a pine cone in the middle of the woods. Regardless, finding the right brand and type to apply to your nether regions is essential. Yet, knowing what to look for is the first step with so many brands available.

Choosing a Brand

With the availability of so many brands, it might feel like a labyrinth of choices. Yet, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect toilet tissue.

What to look for
There are many things to consider when choosing a brand of toilet paper. Of course, strength and durability are the first that come to mind. Yet, many people also prefer a softer texture over the alternative. So, depending on your needs and preferences, you might also want to consider that as well.

Toilet tissue also comes in many ply's -- that's the number of layers that make up your toilet paper. Two-ply tissue is pretty standard across the board. It's also the most economical for your wallet. However, you can also find toilet tissue in three-ply and beyond, but you'll usually pay a bit more for it.

Tools to help with reach

Once you've selected your toilet paper, there are a couple of other things to consider -- your range of motion, for example. If you struggle with reach while wiping, there are tools to help. A toileting wand will give you added reach to finish the clean-up job.

Toilet Tissue Alternatives

Not everyone likes the dryness of standard toilet tissue. For some, clean-up is easier with alternative options. For these circumstances, consider personal wipes or a bidet.

Personal wipes

Personal wipes offer a fresh alternative to traditional toilet tissue. These moistened towelettes come in a variety of options. You'll find them unscented and hypoallergenic to scented. You'll also find them in disposable or flushable varieties. Remember to dispose of non-flushable wipes in the trash. Only flushable types are safe for your septic system.


Personal bidets offer yet another alternative to traditional toilet tissue. Or, in some cases, a bidet provides the perfect complement to toilet tissue. Since a bidet uses water to clean you, it helps end the need for harsh wiping. It also rinses away bacteria you might otherwise leave behind.

Toilet tissue and accessories have come a long way. Bathroom supplies now help address more medical needs and challenges than ever before. They also offer you more choices and more convenience at competitive prices. Some bathroom supplies are more economical than others. Only you can decide which options make the most sense for you.