Lab Supplies

Medical Lab Supplies
  • MedVision Pre-Printed / Write On Label PDC Healthcare MV04SW6824P


    MedVision White Paper Pre-Printed Write On Label 1 X 2-1/4 Inch

    Labels have blanks to identify name of patient, patient's date of birth or account number, test or tests being performed, source of sample, collection date and time and, lastly, a spot for healthcare worker to record her initials. Use these to identify...

  • EKI Chemistry Reagent EK Industries Inc 15335-20L


    EKI Chemistry Reagent 20 Liter

    Deionization removes dissolved particles such as sodium chloride, minerals, carbon dioxide, organic contaminants and other impurities from water. Deionized water, when added to tap or bottled water, performs reverse osmosis which helps to remove the...

  • Comply Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip 3M Healthcare US Opco LLC 1250


    Comply Sterilization Chemical Indicator Strip Steam Compatibility

    The 3M Comply steam chemical indicator 1250 is a paper strip, 1.5 centimeters wide by 20 centimeters long, printed with a chemical indicator ink that turns from off-white to black when exposed to the steam sterilization process. It is designed to...

  • Attest Sterilization Biological Indicator Vial 3M Healthcare US Opco LLC 1262P


    Attest Sterilization Biological Indicator Vial Steam Compatibility

    3M Attest biological indicators monitor the effectiveness of the steam sterilization process and provide results within 48 hours. The self-contained biological indicator for 250° F/121° C gravity and 270° F/132° C vacuum assisted steam cycles-consist of...

  • McKesson Test Tube McKesson Brand 177-111012


    McKesson Test Tube 12 mL

    McKesson test tubes are molded from premium-grade polystyrene (PS). They are nongraduated, translucent tubes with round bottoms. Test tubes without rims are the most satisfactory because there is less chance of chipping and eventual breakage: These 16 x...

    As low as $51.44
  • Tech-Med Mayo Instrument Stand Dukal 4365


    Tech-Med Mayo Instrument Stand 28 to 48'' Height, 5 Locking Casters

    The Mayo Instrument Stand is designed to hold multiple surgical instruments and features a high grade stainless steel 12.5 by 19 inch tray. This stand includes a manual locking knob to adjust the stand to the appropriate height.Secure height adjustments...

  • McKesson Tube Closure McKesson Brand 177-113146Y


    McKesson Tube Closure Snap Cap Yellow Polyethylene 1000 per Bag

    Package Count: 1000. McKesson's line of laboratory supplies includes caps and closures to recap round cuvettes, centrifuge tubes, blood drawing tubes, glass test tubes, plastic culture tubes and more. McKesson's laboratory caps are color-coded for easy...

Lab Supplies

Simply Medical stocks a variety of lab supplies for all your work needs. Our selection of medical products and lab accessories is ideal for healthcare facilities and doctors’ offices. Examples of the lab supplies we carry include the following:

Our offering of pipettes includes unbreakable one-piece transfer pipettes that are used to draw and dispense liquids in controlled, reproducible drop sizes. The selection also includes McKesson serological pipettes that are designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing. They are sterile and can be used for a variety of liquid-handling applications.

Test Tubes
Simply Medical’s test tube collection includes McKesson premium glass culture tubes, which are chemically inert tubes made from borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants. They are specially packaged in heavy-duty boxes and are shrink-wrapped in plastic film to help prevent breakage during shipment. The plastic film protection also keeps the tubes particle-free. They can be used for tissue culture and blood banks.

Blood Collection Tubes
We have a few different blood collection tubes for your lab. Microsafe collection and dispensing tubes are perfect for finger-stick sampling. They allow for blood sample collection and dispensing from a single plastic tube. Each tube fills easily to a preset volume using capillary action. Dispense the sample easily by pinching the unfilled portion of the tube. Another option is plastic erythrocyte sedimentation rate tubes, which offer the same direct draw ability as glass ESR tubes with the peace of mind that if a tube is inadvertently dropped, there will be no exposure to glass sharps and potential pathogens.

Yet another blood collection tube is a capillary tube, which uses capillary action to draw the blood into the micro tube, thereby eliminating the tendency for scooping. Because the capillary tube is also coated with anticoagulant, the blood sample begins mixing immediately with it. When filled end-to-end, the length of the capillary tube defines a specific amount of collected blood. This results in tissue-free samples, reduced clotting, accurate sample volume, and ultimately, fewer redraws and increased comfort. It comes pre-assembled with a capillary straw, attached pierceable cap, and a microtube.

PCR Plates
Optimize your performance using PCR plates. One option is the Thermo Scientific KingFisher PCR plate, which is designed specifically for use with the KingFisher Flex, Duo Prime, and Presto instruments. KingFisher instruments utilize disposable plastic plates and tip combs made of polypropylene, which are ideal for magnetic particle processing due to their low binding affinity for biomolecules. Another option is compatible with Applied Biosystems 96-well Real-Time PCR systems and thermal cyclers.

Nasal Speculum
We carry a nasal speculum, which is a two-bladed instrument that is used for diagnostic and therapeutic nasal procedures. Made of stainless steel, it has a large pattern and allows for examination inside of the nose.

Surgical Mats
Simply Medical carries surgical mats, which are designed to protect, organize, and hold surgical utensils within a sterilization container in place. This silicone mat can also be cut to fit your specific needs.

Microscope Slides
Simply Medical offers adhesion microscope slides that are excellent for routine histology, frozen sections, special stains, as well as IHC. Suitable for marking with inkjet and laser printers as well as with slide marking pens, the slides have clipped corners to reduce glass breakage and glass fragments when used in automated slide printers.

We also sell premium microscope slides that are manufactured from pre-cleaned, high-quality glass with smooth edges. They are non-corrosive, non-fogging, and are available with beveled or ground edges to meet your needs.

Cleaning Brushes
Simply Medical carries cleaning brushes for medical instruments. One specific best-selling reusable brush is for use on laparoscopic instruments, suction devices, etc. Its medical-grade nylon bristles feature surgical stainless-steel wire that has been twisted and spun.

Centrifuge Tubes
Shop for centrifuge tubes that are compatible for use with all standard and high-capacity centrifuge rotors. Some models are supplied in resealable, tamper-evident, self-standing bags. Others feature permanently attached snap caps designed with a thin membrane to allow for trouble-free needle piercing, reducing risks of spills or cross contamination.

Screw Caps
Seal test tubes or specimen containers with one of the various screw cap options Simply Medical offers on the site.

Suction Connector Tubing
We carry suction connector tubing. One specific item features two soft female connectors that securely fit any male connector. Flexible, low coil memory allows for easy draping, while collapse-resistant striated tubing improves clinical outcomes. These molded female connectors deliver secure connections to reduce procedure interruptions.