Catheters & Accessories

Catheters & Accessories
  • PureWick Female External Catheter Bard PWFX30


    PureWick Disposable Female External Catheter 10 L X1.5 W Inch

    The PureWick® Female External Catheter provides a simple and non-invasive catheter solution for women. No insertion or withdrawals are necessary with this catheter. The PureWick catheter draws fluid away from the user using low pressure wall suction then...

    As low as $19.99
  • PureWick Urine Collection System Bard PW100


    PureWick Urine Collection System without Battery

    The PureWick™ System was designed to provide women with a non-invasive option to manage their urinary incontinence. The PureWick™ System includes the PureWick™ Female External Catheter (wick) and the PureWick™ Urine Collection System. The PureWick™...

  • Hollister Urinary Leg Bag Hollister 9349


    Hollister 900 mL Urinary Leg Bag Sterile Fluid Path

    The Hollister® Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack is a convenient and discreet catheter drainage solution. This combination pack includes the leg bag, one pair of leg straps and one sterile extension tubing. Receive one urinary bag each or 12 per box...

    As low as $23.75
  • Freedom Clear LS Male External Catheter Coloplast 5290


    Freedom Clear LS Male Catheter, External, Medium

    The Freedom® Clear Standard Length self-adhearing latex external catheter is designed to provide the highest level of comfort and breathability for everyday wear.Designed with a longer length adhesive seal on a thin sheath providing added security and...

    As low as $9.80
  • Extended Male External Catheter Hollister 9206


    Extended Acrylic Extended Wear Male External Catheter 22 to 25 mm

    Improved skin care made possible by inner flap that minimizes urine back flow Easy to apply with its plastic collar; securely attaches and seals to the skin by its integral adhesive Safely conducts urine through double convolutions that resist kinking...

    As low as $75.20
  • Self-Cath Tube, Catheter Extension Coloplast 475


    Self-Cath Catheter Extension Tube 12 per Bag

    Package Count: 12. Nonsterile Specially designed for use with Self-Cath® Intermittent Catheters Connects easily to color-coded funnel to provide extra length when necessary PVC tapered in the center Cut-to-fit