Catheters & Accessories

Catheters & Accessories
  • Clear Advantage Male External Catheter Coloplast 6200


    Clear Advantage Silicone Male External Catheter 28 mm

    The Coloplast Clear Advantage® Male External Catheter is a premium silicone catheter designed for maximum wear time. It features aloe in the adhesive, and the kink-resistant nozzle is designed to ensure a free flow at all times.Self-adhering male...

  • McKesson Premium Catheter Stabilization Device McKesson Brand 18-3400LFC


    McKesson Premium Catheter Stabilization Device 100 per Box

    Package Count: 100. McKesson Grip-Lok® catheter securement devices are designed to secure 2-way and 3-way Foley catheters, sized 8-30Fr,at the Y-connection in a channel created by a foam insert and a loop strap. The device has no adhesives contacting...

  • Hold-n-Place Catheter Holder Dale Medical Products 150


    Hold-n-Place Catheter Holder, One Size - with Adhesive Patch

    For use with foley catheter One size fits all The adhesive patch, with a skin-friendly, clear, adhesive base, is ideal for short-term catheterized patients The locking devices speed up application and simplify adjustment The holders can be used with...

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  • Conveen Leg Bag Strap Coloplast 50501


    Conveen Security+ Urinary Leg Bag Strap, 15 in

    Package Count: 10. Secures a leg bag in a comfortable position with the Conveen® Leg Bag Straps. These button straps are made of soft, elastic fabric and have hook and loop closures. Each pair contains a 1-inch and a 1.5-inch strap. Receive one pair of...

  • Stayfix Catheter Fixation Device Merit Medical Systems 685ME


    Stayfix Catheter Fixation Device

    The StayFIX® fixation device is used for non-vascular catheters that are inserted into the skin. This device is designed to stop migration, movement and accidental removal of the catheter from it's intended place. StayFix® secures catheters in place...

  • Moveen Urinary Night Drain Bag Coloplast 21356


    Moveen Urinary Night Drainage Bag - Sterile, 2000 mL

    Package Count: 10. Conveen® Security+ Drainage Bag is a large bedside bag for collecting drainage from a catherter. This drainage bag has a large volume capacity 2 liters. Each sterile package includes 10 bags and 2 hangers.nondrainable or with...

  • Hollister Leg Strap Hollister 9343


    Hollister Urinary Leg Bag, Vinyl - Size Medium, Reusable, 23 in

    Package Count: 10. Hollister Urine Bag Leg Strap provides support to those who use drainage bags, but don’t want to be confined to a bed or pole for hanging bags. The use of a leg bag allows users to live a more active lifestyle by keeping the drainage...