Medical Apparel
  • Green Drop Compression Socks Green Drop Compression LLC SOX-1454

    Green Drop

    Green Drop Compression Socks - Medical-Grade Infused Support

    Being active is your passion. Being sidelined by soreness, aches and pains is your nightmare. That’s why active people like you choose Green Drop Compression Socks. Only Green Drop infuses high-performance compression material and tapes with a unique...

  • EdemaWear Compression Stockinette Compression Dynamics B960001


    EdemaWear Compression Stockinette White, Medium

    EdemaWear® stockinet utilizes a new textile technology, Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC), which appears to be superior to existing compression products in controlling swelling. Wales (fuzzy corduroy-like material) create a fuzzy nexus with the skin...

  • JOBST FarrowWrap Basic Compression Wrap BSN Medical 7666003

    BSN Jobst

    JOBST FarrowWrap Basic Compression Wrap Beige, Large

    JOBST FarrowWrap BASIC is an exceptional value and features trimable bands and adjustable hook and loop so the garment can be trimmed as the limb reduces The BASIC garment comes with a FarrowHybrid® foot compression sock 50% band overlap mimics...

  • SlimLine Cast Boot Darco International SLQ3B


    SlimLine Black Cast Boot Large

    The DARCO® SlimLine™ Cast Boot features a square toe design that acts as a bumper, protecting the toes from contact. Versatile this boot can be adapted to fit fiberglass casts, bulky compression bandages and other wound care applications. Stabilize the...

  • HeelWedge Post-Op Shoe Darco International HQ2B


    HeelWedge Black Post-Op Shoe Medium Zoned Outsole

    The DARCO® HeelWedge™ is clinically proven to reduce weight bearing pressure on the heel by shifting weight to the mid and forefoot promotes faster healing after surgery, trauma or when forefoot wounds or ulcerations are present. This post-op shoe is...

  • MedSurg Post-Op Shoe Darco International MQW3B


    MedSurg Black Post-Op Shoe Women's 8.5 - 10

    This black Darco MedSurg™ Postoperative Shoe is a comfortable piece of footwear for individuals who are recovering from a foot procedure. It has a square toe design to give you protection and minimize discomfort if you have K-wires. The insole of the...

  • EdemaWear Compression Stockinette Compression Dynamics B600001


    EdemaWear Compression Stockinette White, Small

    The EdemaWear compression stockinette is made to help with all types of swelling, venous insufficiency, skin protection and more. Utilizing a new textile technology, Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC), this stockinette is made of Lycra® and...

  • SafeHip AirX Unisex Hip Protection Pant Tytex 336550-03.01.J47

    Safehip AirX Unisex

    SafeHip AirX Hip Protection Brief Pants - White, Unisex

    Safehip® AirX™ Unisex Hip Protection Pant is a Skin-friendly hip protector with horse-shoe shaped shield helps disperse fall-away energy from hip joint. Constructed with a protector shield based on AirX spacer-fabric technology designed to adapt to body...


From post-surgical compression garments to elastic-waist pants and non-slip socks, specialized medical apparel can make your life easier whether you’re a patient or caregiver. The most common types of medical apparel include medical compression garments, footwear, and surgical recovery garments.

Compression Garments

Medical compression garments are made of an elastic material such as spandex and provide continuous compression. They can give various compression levels, from light (such as compression stockings readily available over-the-counter at pharmacies) to firm compression for which you need a prescription.

Compression stockings are the most common type of compression garment, but they come in various shapes and styles, from bras to nearly full-body compression suits.

Compression garments are commonly worn after plastic surgery and may be recommended after other procedures to reduce the risk of blood clots or for support during healing. Compression garments also treat varicose veins, lymphedema, edema, deep vein thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, and several other disorders.

Medical Footwear

Medical footwear includes post-surgical shoes, walking boots, and even non-slip hospital socks.
  • Post-operative surgical shoes are often part of the treatment plan after foot surgery or trauma to the foot. They are available in a huge variety of styles and at various price points, from purely functional open-toed sandals with Velcro closures to more stylish leather or suede models. Post-op footwear has a stiff, non-slip sole, open toes, a toebox with extra room, and adjustable straps.
  • Walking boots, also known as orthopedic boots, are often used as an alternative to a cast. They consist of a rigid, hard plastic shell that immobilizes the foot and ankle, secured by adjustable straps. As the name implies, walking boots allow the wearer to put weight on the injured part even as it heals.
  • Non-slip socks and slippers also have their place. While not intended for wear in the wake of foot surgery, they can be a comfortable, easy-to-don option when recovering from other medical procedures. In addition, the non-skid sole provides stability and lessens the likelihood of falls.

Recovery Garments

After surgery, recovery garments can make it easier to change dressings and care for the surgical site. They can also make the process of getting dressed and undressed simpler and more comfortable.

Recovery garments often employ rows of snaps or magnetic closures in place of seams so that the garment can be easily removed or opened. Recovery garments are available in many styles, including pants, shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops. Full-dignity hospital gowns (those without an open back) may also be an option.

When shopping for medical apparel, your needs may depend on your condition or your circumstances. Some medical garments, such as high-compression garments, may require a doctor’s prescription. Others, such as medical footwear, should be discussed with your doctor to ensure that you’re getting the product most suited to your unique situation.