Mobility & Orthopedics

  • Nova Offset Cane Nova Ortho-Med 2094


    Nova Butterflies Print Offset Handle Cane, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity

    The offset cane provides excellent support for the wrist and its soft grip is comfortable for the hands. If you slip the strap over your wrist before grasping handle, you are not likely to drop the cane even if you lose your grip.Offset cane works best...

  • Seat Cushion Span America 50746-025

    Span America

    Convoluted Foam Seat Cushion, Blue

    Use the Span-America Eggcrate Seat Cushion to disperse pressure for greater comfort while sitting. This noninflatable cushion is made of polyurethane foam with standard density. Convoluted cushions are effective as a comfort measure only, and are not...

  • Gel E Seat Cushion Drive Medical 14888

    Gel E

    Gel E Foam / Gel Seat Cushion

    The Drive™ Wheelchair Cushion provides comfort for wheelchair-bound patients. Its fluid-resistant nylon construction provides durability and easy maintenance. The viscous gel bladder ensures proper pressure redistribution for stability. 18 in. W x 16 in...

  • Prevalon Heel Protector I Heel Protection Boot Sage Products 7305


    Prevalon Heel Protector I Black Heel Protection Boot

    Package Count: 8. Heels are a vulnerable area for bedsores, also known as pressure injuries. Prevalon Heel Protector II keeps the heel off the mattress to relieve pressure for individuals spending a lot of time in bed. Soft, adjustable straps position...

  • Hermell Products Heel Protector Hermell Products HP8250

    Hermell Products

    Hermell Products Blue Heel Protector

    The Hermell Products heel protector pad is useful for preventing tissue breakdown. These pillows help to reduce friction and protect against bed sores by relieving pressure on the heel. The Hermell heel protector is one size fit all with an open toe...

  • drive Extension Leg with Wheel Drive Medical 10108WC


    drive Extension Leg with Wheel, For Walker

    The extended height 5 in. Walker Wheels and Legs Combo Pack is necessary if you need to raise the height of your walker beyond the standard maximum height, and have the mobility to use a walker with wheels. These leg extensions increase your comfort or...

  • drive Adjustable Tension Back Cushion Drive Medical 14301


    drive Adjustable Tension Back Cushion with

    Provides lumbar support and is the perfect solution for patients with kyphosis 1-inch thick, high density seat cushion provides optimal pressure redistribution and patient comfort Secures directly over wheelchair canes for added strength, stability and...

  • Arch Arch Support Bandage Pedifix P60-OSFM


    Arch Arch Support Bandage

    Soft elastic bandage gently squeezes the arch to provide support and extra stability to comfort sore, tired feet. Helps ease heel pain and plantar fasciitis, supports flat feet and fallen arches. Soothes bunion, forefoot and neuroma pain, too.Eases heel...