Mobility & Orthopedics

  • FlexPress4 4 Layer Compression Bandage System DermaRite Industries 79000


    FlexPress4 Brown 4 Layer Compression Bandage System, Multiple Sizes

    FlexPress4 is a complete compression bandage kit. It contains four compression wraps as well as adhesive strips to secure the wraps. It is effective in the management of edema related to venous leg ulcers and other associated conditions for individuals...

  • PowerDot 2.0 Uno TENS/NMES Unit Therabody Inc PD01926-01

    PowerDot 2.0 Uno

    PowerDot 2.0 Uno TENS/NMES Unit

    PowerDot 2.0 Uno is a powerful muscle stimulator which packs the concepts of NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) into a sleek lightweight pod you can use anywhere. Fully controlled by the...

  • Wave Solo Vibration Therapy Exercise Ball Therabody Inc WAVESOLO-US

    Wave Solo

    Wave Solo Vibration Therapy Exercise Ball 3-2/5 Inch Diameter Black

    Rollers have become popular with personal trainers, physical therapists and massage therapists. Massage of soft tissue benefits and improves muscular flexibility and reduces stiffness. Therabody's Wave Solo exercise delivers the benefits of a foam roller...

  • DMI Mini Bike Exerciser Pedal Exerciser Mabis Healthcare 660-2003-0200


    DMI Mini Bike Exerciser Black Pedal Exerciser

    If you're rehabbing from an injury or surgery or just looking for an unobtrusive way to build stamina and burn calories, the DMI mini exercise bike fitness mini cycle will suit your needs. Enjoy low impact bicycle pedaling exercise from a chair or place...

  • SmartGoggles Massaging Eye Mask Therabody Inc TM03348-01


    SmartGoggles Massaging Eye Mask White

    The only eye mask powered by SmartSense Technology™ — Therabody's exclusive biometric sensor customizes treatments to lower your heart rate, while increasing circulation, to a more relaxed state. Slip eye mask on to soothe headaches, relieve eye strain,...

  • Brazos Walking Stick Tip Combo Mabis Healthcare 512-3000-1013


    Brazos Walking Stick Tip Combo, For Walking Stick

    Spike ferrules are useful for going off road with your Brazos walking stick or cane, where you may need extra grip on rocky terrain, uneven footing, snow, and even ice. The premium rubber ferrule that comes standard with the Brazos Lee Valley Spike,...

  • Feather 4 Wheel Electric Scooter Feather Mobility LLC FCS-BK


    Feather 4 Wheel Electric Scooter with , 265 lbs. Weight Capacity

    If you don't have any health issues that specifically require a wheelchair or transport chair but are too weak to walk, this lightweight scooter from Feather is for you – particularly if you want one you can easily pack into your car and use once you get...