Wearable Tech

  • Withings Smartwatch Withings Inc HWA10-MODEL 1-ALL-INT


    Withings ScanWatch 2 - Daily Health View Smart Watch, Black

    Introducing ScanWatch 2, a cutting-edge hybrid smartwatch featuring new and exclusive features, including the revolutionary TempTech24/7 module for continuous body temperature variation tracking. From workouts to sleep, the extraordinary 30-day battery...

  • Embr Wave 2 Comfort Band Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-BAND-NYL

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband Strap, Nylon Replacement Band

    Designed for everyday use, the Comfort Band provides maximum comfort while wearing your Wave 2. Woven nylon material is soft, breathable, and lightweight. A hook-and-loop closure makes adjustments easy.6g / 0.2 oz weight Wrist size (circumference):...

    As low as $35.00
  • Embr Wave 2 Travel Case Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-CASE-TRV-BLK

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Travel Case for Thermal Wristband, Hard Shell Holder

    Protect your Embr Wave 2 wherever you go. With the Embr Wave 2 Travel Case, you won’t need to stress about packing your Wave into a backpack, purse, or suitcase. A hard shell on the outside and a silicone insert on the inside hold your Wave in place...

  • Embr Wave 2 Comfort Band Embr Labs Inc WAVE2-BAND-FLT

    Embr Wave

    Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband Replacement Strap - Vegan Leather

    Designed for when you want a style upgrade, this Vegan Leather Band is a touch of luxury for your Wave 2. Vegan leather material and a magnetic closure provide a snug fit, so you can own your temperature in any situation. This stylish band is the perfect...