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  • Attends Air Dri Breathables Plus Low Air Loss Underpad Attends Healthcare Products FCPP-2336

    Attends Air Dri Breathables Plus Disposable Underpad, Heavy

    This underpad is designed specifically for air-flow therapy beds when heavy absorbency is needed.Designed specifically for airflow therapy bedsDesign allows for improved air flow when pad is either wet or dryCloth-like fabric backsheet reduces heat...

    Starting at $7.99
  • Attends Care Dri-Sorb Underpad Attends Healthcare Products UFS-170

    Attends Care Dri-Sorb Disposable Underpad, Light

    Smaller underpad is ideal for IV starts, minor surgical procedures, and chair coveringSoft, cloth-like topsheet promotes healthier skinPerfect for standard, everyday useSmaller size is ideal for IV starts, minor surgical procedures, and chair covering

    Starting at $2.99
  • Attends Care Night Preserver Underpad Attends Healthcare Products UFPP-236

    Attends Care Night Preserver Disposable Underpad, Heavy

    Underpad for nighttime contains additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for heavy absorbency.Perfect for standard, everyday useSoft, cloth-like topsheet covers the entire surface to promote healthy skin

    Starting at $4.99
  • Attends Discreet Underpad Attends Healthcare Products UFS236RG

    Attends Discreet Disposable Blue Underpad, Light, 23 X 36 Inch

    Ideal for standard, everyday use, this Attends Discreet Light-Absorbent Underpad offers a light absorbency level. The topsheet is constructed from soft, cloth-like material to help keep skin feeling comfortable.Designed with a soft, breathable material...

  • Attends Premier Low Air Loss Positioning Underpad Attends Healthcare Products ALI-UP3036

    Attends Premier Disposable White Underpad, Heavy, 30 X 36 Inch

    The Attends Premier range of products was designed to help those you care for manage heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Because Attends underpads use highly absorbent materials to help keep skin dry and furniture protected, Attends...

  • Attends Supersorb Advanced Underpad Attends Healthcare Products ASB-2336

    Attends Supersorb Advanced Disposable Underpad, Heavy

    An all-in-one solution for both bed protection and user protection that reduces the need for multiple underpads.Breathable for patients with high risk of skin breakdownSuper absorbent polymer channels and locks fluids away from skin for maximum...

    Starting at $6.89
  • Attends Supersorb Plus Underpad Attends Healthcare Products ASB-3036G

    Attends Supersorb Plus Disposable White Underpad, Heavy, 30 X 36 Inch

    Underpad has Supersorb layer which provides complete dryness for incontinent patient.Pulp-filled super absorbent coreLeakage guard layer protects bed linens from wetness and reduces laundry volumeSoft, cloth-like topsheetStrong, breathable backsheet...

    Starting at $7.99
  • Beck's Classic Underpad Beck's Classic BV7124BLPB

    Beck's Classic Reusable Blue Underpad, Moderate, 24 X 36 Inch

    Becks Classic Birdseye Reusable Underpads - Heavy Absorbency are designed to fully protect your bed linen, mattresses, or any surface from moisture and staining. Each pad has three layers that work together to protect against leakage. These underpads are...

  • Beck's Classic Underpad Beck's Classic 7118P

    Beck's Classic Reusable Green Underpad, Heavy

    Beck's underpads are reusable, and designed to fully protect bed linen, mattresses, or any surface from moisture and stainingEach pad has three layersCotton 80% / Polyester 20%

    Starting at $9.99