Masks, Gowns & Scrubs

Medical Masks Gowns and Scrubs
Masks, Gowns, and Scrubs

When used correctly, personal protective equipment (PPE) can shield you from viruses, bacterial contaminants, and other biohazards in the environment. In the healthcare setting, they can also protect you from bodily fluids, aerosols, and chemicals.

There is a right kind of mask, gowns, and scrubs for a specific purpose. Understanding the different types of PPE will ensure you can make the right choices for your needs.

Masks come in all shapes and sizes and levels of protection.

Cloth Masks
Reusable cloth masks are worn over your nose and mouth and should have a snug and comfortable fit. Check to see if it properly fits your nose and mouth.

To check the effectiveness of your cloth mask, hold it up in front of a light source. If the material can block the light, it's effective enough to stop disease-causing aerosols and splashes from your environment.

Surgical Masks
A one-size-fits-all polypropylene procedure mask is enough to protect you on an everyday basis. Look for a three-ply non-woven design for extra protection and an adjustable nose piece for a better fit.

Surgical masks that meet the healthcare standards are labeled as "Meets ASTM F3502," "Meets Workplace Performance," or "Meets Workplace Performance Plus."

Considerations for Children
For children, make sure to choose child-sized masks with an improved fit. Children's masks should also be made of comfortable material so kids will wear them correctly and remove them less often. Choose a size that fits the child's nose and chin to ensure complete protection.

For extra protection or clinical use, consider a NIOSH-certified surgical N95 mask. The mask features a spacious breathing chamber and multilayer absorption media for lower breathing resistance.

Isolation Gown
A disposable cotton-poly blend fluid-resistant isolation gown is a unisex, one-size-fits-all garment that protects users from contamination with a secured full back cover, neck and waist ties, and elastic cuffs. This disposable gown consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester for added fluid resistance, improved protection, and increased comfort. Isolation gowns are designed for single use only.

Cleanroom Gown
Laboratories and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry require utmost safety. If you're working in this setting, you need a disposable SMS cleanroom gown to ensure safety when compounding nonhazardous drugs and handling samples.

They are also used in industries that require cleanrooms, such as computer component manufacturing. The gown helps maintain the sterile environment and prevent debris from entering the cleanroom.

These gowns have Level 3 permeability to ensure complete protection, which means even vapors can't penetrate through the material. What's more, they have built-in knit cuffs with 5.5 in circumference to ensure a snug fit, a mandarin collar, and five snap buttons to secure the gown.

Face Shield
Protect your face from splashes and aerosols with a disposable face shield. To ensure comfort and safety, choose a clear shield with a one-size-fits-most headband. If you want a greener alternative, opt for a reusable face shield.

Medical professionals serve as a physical barrier between the wearer and a possibly hazardous environment. Most disposable scrubs have a unisex fit and come in small, medium, and large sizes.

Reusable scrub shirts are made of fluid-resistant material designed for full coverage and comfort. For comfort and utility, choose reusable 65% polyester-35% cotton blend scrub pants with a drawcord closure. Pants with cargo and back pockets allow you to carry small- to medium-sized items.

Cooling Vest
A cooling vest underneath your PPE helps you stay comfortable when wearing your PPEs. Cooling vests have cooling packs that target the body's heat zones to decrease the core body temperature and keep the wearers cool.

It also conforms to the body and provides a custom fit with its adjustable belt. With its lightweight design, this vest will move comfortably with you.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kit
A PPE kit has everything you might need, including

  • Five pairs of nitrile gloves
  • Five ASTM Level 1 face masks
  • Five surface wipes
  • Seventy percent isopropyl alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer bottle with 70% ethyl alcohol
  • A disposable thermometer
  • A resealable bag to keep all products safe from germs