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Mouth Care

  • Biotene Mouth Moisturizer Glaxo Smith Kline 04858200115

    Biotene Mouth Moisturizer 1.5 oz. Spray

    Package Count: 1Exclusive enzyme formula moistens, refreshes and helps protect your mouth from problems due to dry mouthSugar free and alcohol freeSoothes and refreshesCan provide relief for up to 2 or more hours

  • Biotene Mouth Moisturizer Laclede 04858200330

    Biotene Mouth Moisturizer 16 oz. Liquid

    Package Count: 1Biotène ® Dry Mouth Oral Rinse gently cleans and soothes minor irritation caused by Dry MouthNow with an improved pH balance formulaAlcohol-freeSpecial formula soothes Dry Mouth symptoms and protects against odors

  • Colgate Toothbrush Colgate 155501

    Colgate Adult Toothbrush Soft

    Package Count: 144The Colgate Individually Wrapped Adult Toothbrush is made with white standard full soft bristles that are spaced to hold toothpaste and other oral cleaning solutions. The standard handle design of the adult toothbrush is made with an...

  • Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste Colgate 151406

    Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste Regular Flavor Paste 4 oz.

    Formulated with active fluoride, this toothpaste is clinically proven to help strengthen teeth and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.Active fluoride helps strengthen teeth and defend against cavitiesRegular mint flavor leaves breath feeling fresh...

    Starting at $4.99
  • Colgate Toothpaste Colgate 151105

    Colgate Toothpaste Paste 2.5 oz.

    Strengthens teeth with active fluorideCleans teeth thoroughly and leaves your whole mouth feeling cleanFights cavities while strengthening your teeth

    Starting at $1.33
  • Dawn Mist Denture Adhesive Donovan Industries DA2

    Dawn Mist Denture Adhesive 2 oz. Cream

    DawnMist Denture Adhesive Cream provides a comfortable fit with long lasting, extra strong holding power so you can laugh, talk, eat and drink with comfort and confidence. Free of artificial flavors and colors.Easy to apply for a close, comfortable...

    Starting at $5.99
  • Dynarex Toothbrush Dynarex 4861

    Dynarex Adult Toothbrush Soft

    Each dynarex Plastic Toothbrush is individually packed in a clear bag and has an unbreakable plastic handle, making it perfect for a hospital or other service setting.30 tuft soft bristle head gets in all of the hard to reach placesFlat, unbreakable...

  • Dynarex Denture Adhesive Dynarex 4865

    Dynarex Denture Adhesive 2 oz. Cream

    This easy to apply adhesive cream works to seal out food particles for a cleaner feeling all day long so you can eat, drink, laugh, and talk with confidence. Comfortable fit with a great tasting, fresh, minty flavor.Secure, long lasting hold between gums...

  • Fixodent Original Denture Adhesive Procter & Gamble 76660300378

    Fixodent Original Denture Adhesive Cream

    Fixodent Complete Original denture adhesive's unique seal delivers denture care that's comfortable, and delivers a strong, long-lasting hold. Original dental cream is formulated to help prevent gum soreness and provide an improved denture fit, allowing...

    Starting at $4.99
  • Freshmint Denture Cleaner New World Imports DENT90

    Freshmint Denture Cleaner Mint Flavor

    freshmint Denture Cleanser Anti-Bacterial Tablets keep dentures fresh and clean by dissolving away stains, killing bacteria that causes denture odor, and reducing plaque buildup.Dissolves away stainsKills bacteria that cause denture odorReduces plaque...