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Physical Therapy

  • Home Ranger Shoulder Exerciser Prepak Products 240

    Home Ranger Shoulder Exerciser

    Increase or maintain shoulder range of motion (ROM) in all planes of movement with the original Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley. Make recovery from frozen shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, mastectomy, or stroke easier and more effective by performing ROM rehab...

  • Thera-Band Exercise Resistance Band Performance Health 20344

    Thera-Band Non-Latex Exercise Resistance Band, 25 Yard

    With this TheraBand resistance tubing, the user can strengthen muscles, increase her range of motion, and improve her flexibility all while using this simple, convenient exercise product.With Thera-Band® resistive exercise products, treatment and...

    Starting at $54.99
  • McKesson Exercise Resistance Band McKesson Brand 169-5631

    McKesson Synthetic Rubber Exercise Resistance Band, 25 Yard

    Package Count: 1High-quality, resistive exercise band for rehabilitation, conditioning, and trainingLightweight, compact, and portable5-inch widthResistance level adheres to the widely-accepted color-code system ranging from yellow through blackAdds...

    Starting at $34.99
  • Thera-Band Exercise Resistance Band Performance Health 20120

    Thera-Band Latex Exercise Resistance Band, 50 Yard

    Package Count: 1Proper use of this system for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groupsColor-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance...

    Starting at $79.99