ABD Gauze Pads

  • Curity Abdominal Pad Cardinal

    Curity Abdominal Pad Sterile

    Abdominal pads by Curity are designed for maximum absorbency and comfort. Indicated as primary dressings for abdominal or other large incisions; and large trauma sites. Also for secondary dressings over heavily exudating wounds; they cushion and protect...

    Starting at $6.99
  • Dermacea Abdominal Pad Cardinal

    Dermacea Abdominal Pad Sterile

    Dermacea abdominal pads are designed for maximum absorbency and comfort. Indicated for primary layer for heavily exudating wounds; secondary layer for heavily exudating wounds; padding for pressure points; and anywhere high absorbency is needed.Four...

    Starting at $6.99
  • Dynarex Abdominal Pad Dynarex

    Dynarex Abdominal Pad Sterile

    Abdominal pads (also known as combine pads) are designed for use where high absorbency is needed for heavy draining wounds.The sterile combine pads have an outer cover constructed of a soft Nonwoven material, filled with a fluffy inner filling which...

    Starting at $5.99
  • Dukal Abdominal Pad Dukal

    Dukal Abdominal Pad Sterile

    Create a moisture barrier on abdominal applications using this Dukal Rectangular Sterile Abdominal Pad, which features an outer facing that wicks moisture toward the cellulose core, where it's then quickly absorbed and dispersed. The edges of the pad are...

    Starting at $5.99
  • Hartmann Sorbalux ABD Abdominal Pad Hartmann

    Hartmann Sorbalux ABD Abdominal Pad Sterile

    Sterile absorbent abdominal pad can serves as a primary or secondary dressing for heavily draining acute and chronic wounds.Secures dressings in place with minimal risk of slipping or constrictionClings to itself when overlappedConforms to body...

    Starting at $6.99
  • DuPad Abdominal Pad Derma Sciences

    DuPad Abdominal Pad Sterile

    A three-layer abdominal pad that wicks away exudate, prevents strikethrough and has a system for absorption.Abdominal pads are filled with cellulose fibers, making them super-absorbentThe fibers quickly absorb and disperse fluids laterally, to prevent...

    Starting at $8.99
  • McKesson Abdominal Pad McKesson Brand

    McKesson Abdominal Pad Sterile

    Constructed with a Nonwoven outer fabric and inner cellulose tissue, this McKesson Rectangular Sterile Nonwoven Cellulose Abdominal Pad creates a reliable moisture barrier that absorbs quickly without linting. The pad wicks moisture quickly to help keep...

    Starting at $4.49