• Curity Medical Tape Cardinal


    Kendall Hypoallergenic Clear Medical Tape, Plastic Surgical Tape

    Hypoallergenic clear tape for securing IV tubing and dressings that require monitoring.Ideal for taping catheters, IV tubing, and securing dressings where a clear view of the site is required Provides a barrier from external fluids and contamination...

    As low as $20.91
  • 3M Transpore Medical Tape 3M


    3M Transpore Surgical Tape - Transparent, Plastic Medical Tape

    Transparent, perforated plastic tape that tears easily and works reliably with various dressings and devices.Easy, straight, bi-directional tear Easy to handle with gloves Good adhesion to skin and tubing Transparent, porous Hypoallergenic and not made...

    As low as $19.65
  • 3M Transpore White Medical Tape 3M


    3M Transpore White Medical Tape, Non-Sterile Plastic Surgical Tape

    3M Medipore H Soft Cloth Surgical Tape offers multi-directional stretch to accommodate swelling, distention and movement, and helps minimize the risk for skin injury.Gentle to skin Easy, straight bi-directional tear Breathable to maintain skin...

    As low as $20.30