Sterilization Tapes & Pouches

sterilization tapes and pouches
Sterilization Tapes & Pouches

Keep healthcare equipment sterile and safe for both medical professionals and patients by shopping at Simply Medical. Hospitals and medical facilities can find all their sterilization products on our website. We sell tapes and pouches for use during the sterilization process, as well as many other medical supplies for your benefit.

What are Sterilization Tapes and Pouches Used For?
Sterilization tapes and pouches are for use in autoclaves and other steam sterilizers. Autoclaves are machines used often in the healthcare industry for cleaning instruments and other materials. An autoclave uses steam under pressure to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Items are placed inside a pressure vessel and then heated to a very high temperature for sterilization. This works because the moisture from the steam transfers heat to the instruments to destroy the bacteria’s protein structure. Sterilization tapes and pouches are used to group and contain instruments before they go into an autoclave.

Sterilization Tapes
Simply Medical’s steam sterilization indicator tape is used to secure wrapped surgical trays and medical instrument sets before, during and after sterilization. Each roll is individually packaged to ensure quality at the time of use. The tape is usually lead-free and features a more aggressive adhesive and is for disposable wraps only.

Sterilization Pouches
Simply Medical’s sterilization pouches help ensure infection prevention through proper instrument sterilization, facilitating the safety of both patients and medical staff. Triple seals trap heat along the secured edges to prevent separation. Sterilization pouches maintain sterilization integrity through extra-wide chevron seals.

Many sterilization pouch listings include Class 4 or Multi-Parameter Sterilization indicators to help ensure proper saturating steam presence, exposure time, and sufficient high temperatures. Wide self-seal strip and thumb notches make the pouches easy to open. Medical-grade paper eases the labeling process, while clear transparent film provides aseptic presentation and easy identification of surgical equipment.

Other pouch designs feature extra wide side seals, with poly film that protects the sterile contents. Some listings have self-seal adhesive strips with perforated folds for a complete seal as well as for ease of use. Quick-release tape and dry edges mean the pouches can easily be handled with gloves.

Alternatives to sterilization pouches include wraps or paper bags. Simply Medical offers a sterilization paper bag that has unique hospital double-fold seals with pull-off adhesive tabs. A gusset feature provides 50% more inner space, and each bag is printed with a process indicator ink for steam. Sterilization wraps provide three-layer reinforcement zones that protect edges and corners. Handy positioning strips hold the material in place for easier wrapping, while the design’s unique shape reduces excess material by 22%. Fire-resistant and abrasion-resistant, the wrap should not be used in dry heat or for radiation sterilization methods.