Thermometers & Accessories

Thermometers and Accessories
  • Adtemp 427 Temporal Contact Thermometer American Diagnostic Corp 427Q


    Adtemp 427 Temporal Contact Thermometer 6 Second

    AdTemp™ Temple Touch Thermometer provides a non-invasive forehead temperature measurement using patented conductive technology, delivering clinically accurate readings in about six seconds. The cost-effective design reduces the risk of cross...

  • Adtemp 427 Digital Stick Thermometer American Diagnostic Corp 427


    Adtemp 427 Digital Thermometer Stick 6 Second

    This Adtemp™ 427 thermometer is an easy way to take the temperature of someone feeling unwell. It obtains a reading in as little as six seconds by simply touching the patient's forehead, making it excellent for use on sleeping babies and children. Since...

    As low as $19.15
  • HealthSmart Non-Contact Skin Surface Thermometer Mabis Healthcare 18-555-000


    HealthSmart Non-Contact Thermometer Seconds

    The HealthSmart® Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer is the ideal solution for reading temperatures with the least amount of physical contact. It provides clinically accurate readings in seconds. This instant digital forehead thermometer features...

  • McKesson Digital Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer with Alarm McKesson Brand MCK8100MATB


    McKesson Digital Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer with Alarm

    The versatile McKesson fridge/freezer dual channel thermometer records the date and time of the minimum and maximum readings, while independently monitoring user programmable high and low alarms. The unit incorporates an audible and visual LED...

  • McKesson Datalogging Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer with Alarm McKesson Brand MCKSL2021


    McKesson Datalogging Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer with Alarm

    The McKesson data logger thermometer is designed to meet today's CDC and VFC requirements for vaccine storage and monitoring. It is a self-contained data logger that requires no PC software to generate a complete Excel .cvs report. Monitor both the...

  • Medsource IR300 Non-Contact Skin Surface Thermometer MedSource International MS-131002

    Medsource IR300

    Medsource IR300 Non-Contact Thermometer 2 Seconds

    The MEDSOURCE Non-Contact Infared Thermometer is the ideal tool for safely screening temperatures. Measure body temperature on the forehead without coming into physical contact with another person. This thermometer is suitable for clinical and home...

  • Veridian Digital Stick Thermometer Veridian Healthcare LLC 08-355


    Veridian Oral & Rectal Digital Thermometer Stick 30 Seconds

    Proven clinical accuracy Memory recall of last reading Fever alert Fahrenheit/Celsius measurements Oral, rectal or underarm use Waterproof for sanitary cleaning Automatic shut-off Includes: thermometer, full storage case, 5 probe covers, replaceable LR41...

  • Veridian Non-Contact Skin Surface Thermometer Veridian Healthcare LLC 09-183


    Veridian Non-Contact Thermometer 1 Second

    Non-contact measurements, proven clinically accurate 1-second instant results Body, surface or room measuring options Comparable to oral readings, silent reading night mode 3-Color backlit fever alert display Fahrenheit/Celsius measurements, Memory...

  • Veridian Non-Contact Skin Surface Thermometer Veridian Healthcare LLC 09-349


    Veridian Infared Forehead Thermometer, Non-Contact Skin Probe

    3-year limited warranty 2 AAA batteries included No tip covers required Non-invasive temperature reading of a person or object 1-second readout Proven clinically accurate Measures body and object/liquid temperatures Body temperature measurements taken...

    As low as $38.31
  • TemporalScanner Temporal Contact Thermometer Exergen 124375S


    Exergen TemporalScanner - Digital Temporal Probe Thermometer

    The Tat-5000 TemporalScanner™ Thermometer allows caregivers and health care professionals to easily take the temperature of patients or clients with ease. Use it to record core temperature by holding it on a patient's forehead near their temporal artery...

  • McKesson Single Patient Skin Thermometer McKesson Brand 16-TSTRP


    McKesson Disposable Skin Thermometer 15 Seconds

    McKesson forehead temperature strips provide a convenient, accurate, and inexpensive way to monitor a patient’s temperature. The lit bars indicate proper numerical reading in seconds.Provides convenient, accurate and inexpensive way to monitor patient’s...

    As low as $75.76
Thermometers & Accessories

A thermometer is an essential component of any first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Not so long ago, that meant buying a traditional glass thermometer or a simple digital oral thermometer. Today, however, there are many types of thermometers on the market, and choosing the best one for your needs may take a little research. Consider the different types of medical thermometers available and the pros and cons of each.

Glass Thermometers
Glass thermometers can take oral, axillary (under the arm), or rectal temperatures.

Pros: They’re versatile, they don’t need batteries or another power source, and they’re easily sanitized, so they don’t require any accessories.

Cons: They can break, and some glass thermometers may still contain mercury. They must remain in place for three minutes to obtain an accurate reading, and they’re more difficult to read than other types of thermometers.

Standard Digital Thermometers
Like traditional glass thermometers, standard digital thermometers can take oral, axillary, or rectal temperatures.

Pros: They’re versatile and give you a reading in about 30 seconds. They are more accurate than glass thermometers.

Cons: The battery can run down, and the electronics can malfunction. If you’re using them outside of a home setting, you will need to buy probe covers for sanitary reasons.

Ear (Tympanic) Thermometers
Ear thermometers use infrared technology to measure the body’s temperature at the eardrum.

Pros: This type of thermometer is less invasive than using a glass or digital thermometer to take an oral or rectal temp. Readings are nearly instantaneous. Because they are non-invasive, they’re well-suited for use in children.

Cons: They may be less accurate than temperatures taken orally or rectally. Using one requires purchasing thermometer accessories — in this case, probe covers to fit your specific model. The electronic parts can malfunction, as well.

Forehead (Temporal) Thermometers
Like ear thermometers, forehead thermometers use infrared technology to measure temperature, this time at the temple. Many models do not require contact with the skin to work.

Pros: Touch-free models don’t require any accessories and don’t have to be sanitized between uses. They are child-friendly and provide instant readings.

Cons: External factors such as ambient temperature, drafts, wind, and sunlight can affect the device's accuracy. Certain types of clothing can also cause inaccurate readings, as well.

Like other digital thermometers, they require electricity, and electronic parts can malfunction.

Non-Contact Thermometers
Non-contact thermometers use infrared skin probes to take a temperature without touching the skin. These non-touch thermometers provide instant and accurate temperatures in adults, children, and infants.

Thermometer Sheaths and Probe Cover
Thermometer probe covers are often a disposable cover that helps create a safe environment for taking temperatures. Using a thermometer sheath reduces the risk of contamination when sharing a single thermometer. These are helpful for use at home, healthcare facilities, and nursing homes.

Pacifier Thermometers
A fairly new arrival on the scene, pacifier thermometers are intended for infants or toddlers.

Pros: Easy to use in babies and toddlers.

Cons: They must stay in place for a very long time — up to six minutes — without moving. Readings are less accurate than other types of thermometers.

Disposable thermometer strips are also an option, but their accuracy is far lower than other thermometers. The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine states that they should not be used to make clinical decisions.

A thermometer is a simple but important medical tool. Browse our popular brands including McKesson, AdTemp, and NexTemp to find the thermometer that’s right for you.