Exam Gloves

  • FLEXAL Comfort Exam Glove Cardinal 88FS04L

    FLEXAL Comfort

    Comfort FLEXAL Nitrile Exam Glove Blue Textured Fingertips Large

    Package Count: 250. Latex-like minimum elongation based on the min ASTM standard which can help to reduce cuff tears during donning Low dermatitis Potential Tested for use with 9 chemotherapy drugs according to ASTM D6980 Premium box with dispensing...

  • CODEBLUE PF Exam Glove McKesson Medical Surgical 23-36


    CODEBLUE Latex PF Exam Glove Blue Fully Textured Large

    11-4/5 inch-length exam gloves are dark blue in color for easy identification. They're latex which, unless you have an allergy to natural rubber, make the most comfortable medical gloves.Extended, beaded cuffs increase the area of protection by covering...

    Starting at $12.49
  • Cypress Plus PFT Exam Glove McKesson Medical Surgical 23-94


    Cypress Latex PFT Plus Exam Glove Ivory Fully Textured

    Textured exam gloves are made of latex for tactile sensitivity and, like all medical gloves, are powder-free.Textured finish to promote slip resistance in wet or dry conditions Beaded cuff Nonsterile Ambidextrous Single use only

    Starting at $8.49
  • Syntrile XTS Exam Glove McKesson Medical Surgical 27-12

    Syntrile XTS

    Nitrile Syntrile XTS Exam Glove Blue Textured Fingertips

    Syntrile XTS powder free blue nitrile chemo exam gloves are thin for greater comfort, dexterity, and conformability – yet provide enhanced protection against chemotherapy drugs. They feature a textured finish at the fingertip to promote slip resistance...

    Starting at $41.99
  • Trilon 2000 PF with MC3 Exam Glove McKesson Medical Surgical 25-930

    Trilon 2000 PF with MC3

    2000 MC3 PF Stretch Trilon Vinyl with Exam Glove Ivory

    A distinctively formulated polyvinyl chloride exam glove creates a silky smooth feeling for greater tactile sensitivity and a conforming fit for greater comfort.Ambidextrous Polymer coating for easy glove donning and comfort Smooth finish Single use...

    Starting at $9.99
  • Ultrasense Exam Glove Microflex Medical US-220-XS


    Nitrile Ultrasense Exam Glove Blue Textured Fingertips

    Ultrasense® gloves are made from a patented next-generation nitrile formulation to provide comfort, while maintaining the reliable barrier protection of a synthetic glove Ultrasense® gloves provides a precise grip in both wet and dry conditions, while...

    Starting at $11.99
  • LifeStar EC Exam Glove Microflex Medical LSE-104-XL

    LifeStar EC

    EC LifeStar Nitrile Exam Glove White Textured Fingertips

    This non-sterile examination glove is designed specifically for EMS professionals Color: White exterior, blue interior Cuff length extended Advanced barrier protection (AQL 0.65) Tested against both fentanyl and gastric acid (vomit) to simulate...

    Starting at $15.99
  • Trilon Exam Glove McKesson Medical Surgical 25-92


    Trilon Vinyl Exam Glove Clear

    Trilon Vinyl Non-Sterile exam gloves are a must-have item for a health care practitioner. They have a high tensile strength, so they're durable and will hold up during extended use. The supple, soft feel of the Trilon gloves allows you to easily move...

    Starting at $9.99
  • Supreno EC Exam Glove Microflex Medical SEC-375-XL


    EC Nitrile Supreno Exam Glove Blue Textured Fingertips X-Large

    Microflex Supreno EC exam gloves are made of a sturdy nitrile material; they disposable gloves provide chemical splash protection for demanding jobs. Featuring an extended cuff, these long nitrile gloves also provide extra protection over the wrist and...

    Starting at $13.99
  • McKesson Perry Performance Plus Aquatouch Surgical Glove McKesson Brand 20-1265N


    McKesson Perry AquaTouch Latex Surgical Gloves, Sterile, Sz 6.5, Cream

    McKesson Perry latex surgical gloves offer three powder-free options designed to help protect both patients and caregivers during critical procedures. The micro-thin finish option provides a reliable grip, high tactile sensitivity and comfortable double...

  • Touch of Life Exam Glove McKesson Brand 7027154

    McKesson Brand

    Touch of Life Nitrile Exam Gloves -Size Medium, Non-Sterile, Black

    Powder-free exam gloves are packed with a larger quantity per box (250 per box) to help save time and reduce waste.Chemotherapy drugs tested: 5-Fluorouracil, Carmustine (BCNU), Cisplatinum, Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), Dacarbazine (DTIC), Doxorubicin...

    Starting at $52.99