Specimen Collection

Medical Specimen Collection
Specimen Collection

Shop Simply Medical for all your specimen collection needs. Helpful for doctors’ offices, hospitals, retirement facilities, and more, our collection of specimen containers won’t let you down.

Why Do You Need Specimen Collection Containers?
Simply Medical’s specimen collection containers help medical offices and healthcare facilities collect bodily samples, including urine, sputum, stool samples, or kidney stones.

What Are Some Common Features in Specimen Collection Containers?
Explore a variety of options, including containers that feature clearly marked gradients with a wide lip and firm base to help prevent splashing, spilling, and tipping. It’s important that your specimen collection receptable is leak-resistant to avoid fluid loss or contamination.

Specimen Cups
Use specimen cups for fluids, solids, and powders. You might purchase them for use with urine, sputum, or any other specimen that fits in the containers. Choose between sterile or non-sterile options. Some listings include lids, while others do not. Screw-on lids are available for purchase separately as well. Most specimen cups are translucent so you can easy view the content level. Others are designed specifically for transportation through hospital pneumatic/vacuum transport systems. Cups frequently come with labels so you can write in a patient’s name and the date, as well as any other important identifying information. Tamper-evident seals are included in some listings as noted.

Temperature-Controlled Specimen Units
We also sell portable temperature-controlled specimen units for samples that need to remain refrigerated. This is ideal for overnight or international shipments. These designs feature a vacuum insulated panel compartment that transfers heat by evaporating small quantities of water at low pressure. This heat absorption method is seven times more efficient than ice. The listing includes a sturdy transport box. Insulated containers with lids are available as well.

Urine/Stool Specimen Collector
A urine or stool specimen collector comes in a funnel shape to make the sample collection so much easier. It fits standard-sizes toilets for use at home or in a medical facility.

Simply Medical sells sterile standard polyester swabs for specimen collecting. They feature semi-flexible polystyrene handles and can be used for a wide range of diagnostic tests, including gynecological screenings, specimen collection from throats, or cell collection for DNA testing.

They are the ideal choice for any situation that requires a swab stick, particularly those where residual lint from cotton tips should be avoided.

Simply Medical has all your specimen collection products in one place. Shop now for quick delivery to your office.