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  • DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel Convatec 187987

    DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel 30 gm Sterile

    Clear, preservative-free, viscous hydrogel that Incorporates a hydrocolloid formulation that distinguishes it from other hydrocolloid dressingsIt is indicated for the management of partial and full-thickness wounds, ideally as a filler for dry cavity...

  • Restore Wound Cleanser Hollister

    Restore Wound Cleanser

    Protects against bacterial contamination and infection in skin tears, cuts, abrasionsNo-rinse alternative to saline and harsh antiseptic cleansersHelps remove particulate matter and other debris from wound bed

    Starting at $7.99
  • IV PREP Alcohol Prep Pad Smith & Nephew 59421200

    IV PREP 70% Alcohol Prep Pad 2 X 2'' Sterile

    IV PREP Antiseptic Wipes come in a convenient, single use package. This antiseptic wipe is designed to sterilize and prepare skin prior to a venipuncture or injection. The Smith & Nephew IV PREP Wipes are easy-to-apply, highly effective, quick drying,...

  • Sage Surgical Scrub Wipe Sage Products 9705

    Sage 2% Surgical Scrub Wipe 2 Count

    This early prepping systems help address infection risk factors on three main reservoirs of bacteria: the nares, the oral cavity, and the skin. This can help standardize your pre-op approach for maximum efficiency and enhanced compliance to protocol.7.5...

    Starting at $5.99
  • McKesson Surgical Scrub McKesson Brand

    McKesson 7.5% Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub

    Contains 7.5% Povidone Iodine, USP weight/volumeSudsing capability to help effectively clean the skinIdeal for preoperative and postoperative scrubbing or washingAvailable in 16 fl. oz. and 1 gallon

  • Sea-Clens General Purpose Wound Cleanser Coloplast

    Sea-Clens Saline Wound Cleanser Spray

    Cost-effective, saline-based wound cleanser designed to loosen debris from the wound bed without interfering with the healing processFor cleansing and irrigating acute and chronic wounds

    Starting at $10.99
  • McKesson Antiseptic Skin Cleanser McKesson Brand 16-CHG15

    McKesson 4% CHG Antiseptic Skin Cleanser 15 mL

    Contains 4% Chlorhexidine GluconateReduces the number of microorganisms on the skin prior to surgery or patient carePrevents skin infectionsFor use as a patient preoperative skin prep, wound cleansing and healthcare personnel hand wash

  • Dynarex Alcohol Prep Pad Dynarex 1116

    Dynarex 70% Alcohol Prep Pad 1-2/5 X 3-1/2'' Sterile

    Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads by Dynarex are individually packaged to ensure sterility. The preparation wipe is made with premium materials to hold up to scrubbing and rubbing skin for effective topical cleansing to properly clean a wound or cut as well as...

    Starting at $4.99
  • McKesson 4% CHG Antiseptic Skin Cleanser

    McKesson Antiseptic Skin Cleanser is used for skin prep, wound cleansing, and hand wash. It reduces the number of microorganisms on the skin for personal care.Reduces the number of microorganisms on the skin and prevents skin infectionUsed for skin prep,...

    Starting at $4.99