Wheelchairs & Accessories

  • Waffle Original Seat Cushion EHOB 2000WCXX120

    Waffle Original Air Cells Seat Cushion, Beige

    The EHOB Waffle® Original Seat Cushion comes with air venting holes that dissipate heat and moisture for comfort. Ideal for treating and preventing pressure ulcers, this cushion's low-profile design allows the user to safely get on and off the wheelchair...

    Starting at $29.49
  • drive Footrest Drive Medical STDS3J24SF

    drive Footrest

    Sit back and rest your feet comfortably in a safe position with a pair of durable Drive Swing-Away Footrests attached to your wheelchair. This mobility product features footplates made of metal and lightweight plastic that are easy to attach in minutes...

  • ROHO Mosaic Seat Cushion Crown Therapeutics MOS1818CA

    ROHO Mosaic Inflatable Air Cells Seat Cushion, Black

    Designed for users who require basic-level skin protection, the Crown Therapeutics ROHO® Mosaic® Seat Cushion provides comfort and support. The interconnected air cells of this wheelchair cushion help distribute pressure uniformly across the cushion for...

    Starting at $79.99
  • Skil-Care Wheelchair Slider Pommel Skil-Care 706362

    Skil-Care Wheelchair Slider Pommel

    Skil-Care E-Z Transfer Slider Pommel helps prevent sliding in the wheelchair by maintaining pelvic neutrality. It also keeps legs in abduction. The attached pommel is secured by hook-and-loop and is easily removed to facilitate patient transfers to and...

  • McKesson Coccyx Seat Cushion McKesson Brand 146-RTL1491COM

    McKesson Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion, Blue

    Great for home, office, and travel use. Comfortable and durable foam construction. Cut-out reduces pressure on spine and coccyx (tail bone) when seated.18 Inches by 14 Inches by 3 InchesBlueTilt design helps restore spine's natural "S" shapeAutomatically...

    Starting at $14.99
  • drive Seat Cushion Drive Medical 14909

    drive Foam Seat Cushion, Black

    Made of high-resilient molded foam, the Drive General Use Wheelchair Cushion ensures comfort, stabilization, and uniform distribution of pressure. Ideal for low-risk patients, it comes with 12-inch straps to secure the cushion to the wheelchair. The...

    Starting at $27.99
  • Gel E Skin Protection Seat Cushion Drive Medical 14886

    Gel E Skin Protection Foam / Gel Seat Cushion, White

    The Drive™ Gel "E" Skin Protection 3 Cushion ensures even pressure redistribution that aids in the prevention, management and treatment of pressure injuries. Its polyurethane foam shell encases the viscous gel bladder and provides comfort. This gel/foam...