One Piece Ostomy
Ostomy One Piece System | Ostomy Bags and Supplies

A one-piece system is appropriate for a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. 
A one-piece system has the skin barrier permanently attached to the pouch. They cannot be separated. The skin barrier protects the area around your stoma and adheres to your skin, while the pouch contains and collects the waste. A one-piece system requires only a peel and stick to apply. The wafer can come pre-cut to the size of the stoma and cut to fit. Cut-to-fit sizes can accommodate stomas that are small or large. One-piece systems come with either a flexible flat barrier or with a convex barrier. Flat and flexible barriers are ideal if you have a stoma that protrudes off the skin or if you have a hernia or bulge around the stoma. Convex barriers are often used if your stoma is flush, sits in a crease, or if the abdomen is soft.

A one-piece system comes with either a drainable or closed pouch. The drainable pouch can have either a clip on the end or an integrated type closure that either Velcroes or interlocks closed. This type of pouch is meant to have its contents drained when the it is one-third of the way full. 
A closed ended one-piece system has no opening in the pouch for draining and is meant for the entire appliance to be removed and discarded when full. This is ideal for individuals with lower, more predictable output requiring emptying only 1-2 times a day.

A one-piece urostomy system has a spout/tap at the bottom of the bag to easily drain urine.

Advantages of an Ostomy One-Piece System:
  • Lower profile one-piece systems tend to lay flatter under clothes and can be more discreet.
  • There are fewer steps to apply, just peel and stick.
  • Flexibility around hernias, bulges, and when exercising.