• McKesson Hand Hygiene Dispenser McKesson Brand 53-FOAM-AUTO


    McKesson Hand Hygiene Dispenser

    McKesson offers automatic foaming pump dispensers to complement the 1000 mL refill bags in our hand hygiene line. Wall mount dispensers are suitable for exam and patient rooms. This hands free dispenser helps cuts down on the spread of germs.Accommodates...

  • PROVON Antimicrobial Soap GOJO 1944-02


    PROVON Foaming Antimicrobial Soap Floral Scent 1,200 mL

    Package Count: 2. Refill your PROVON® LTX-12™ Dispenser with the Provon® Foaming Antimicrobial Soap Refill Bottle. This high performance antimicrobial soap is suitable for general handwashing. The SMART-FLEX bottle designs uses 30 percent less material...

  • Purell Healthy Soap Gentle & Free Soap GOJO 7772-02


    Purell Healthy Soap Gentle & Free Foaming Soap 1,200 mL

    Package Count: 2. Purell™ Healthy Soap Gentle & Free Foam is a dye free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic hand soap. This soap helps wash away dirt and germs commonly found in a healthcare environment and compatible with nitrile, latex, and vinyl gloves...

  • PROVON Soap GOJO 5185-04


    PROVON Foaming Soap Cranberry Scent 1,250 mL

    Package Count: 4. Refill the PROVON® FMX-12™ push dispenser with PROVON® foaming antimicrobial handwash. This is a high performance, antimicrobial foam soap has added moisturizers to keep skin soft and has a pleasant fruity scent. Receive one 1250 mL...

  • enMotion Gen 2 Soap Georgia Pacific 42714


    enMotion Gen 2 Foaming Soap 1,200 mL

    Package Count: 2. enMotion® Gen2 Moisturizing Foam Soap Dispenser Refills provide rich, foaming lather and a mild conditioning formula to leave skin feeling fresh, while being gentle enough for daily use. There are (2) 1200 mL refill bottles of...

  • Purell Waterless Surgical Scrub GOJO 1907-02


    Purell Gel Waterless Surgical Scrub 1,200 mL Gel

    Purell® Waterless Surgical Scrub is designed to meet and exceed FDA surgical scrub requirements* without the addition of harsh ingredients that can cause skin damage. Advanced alcohol formulation provides the instant germ kill AND persistent activity...

    Starting at $207.90
  • PROVON Antimicrobial Soap GOJO 5186-04


    PROVON Foaming Antimicrobial Soap Fruit Scent 1,250 mL

    Refill the PROVON® FMX-12™ push dispenser with PROVON® foaming antimicrobial handwash. This is a high performance, antimicrobial foam soap has added moisturizers to keep skin soft and has a pleasant fruity scent. Receive one 1250 mL refill bottle each or...

    Starting at $31.42
  • Thera Antimicrobial Body Wash McKesson Brand 53-AC4


    Thera Liquid Antimicrobial Body Wash Scented 4 oz. Liquid

    Your skin is your body's largest organ, so make sure it's getting the care it deserves. Thera's rinse-free hand and body cleanser spray is the first line of defense for your skin. This gentle and mild body wash is just what you need to stay fresh and...

    Starting at $11.54
  • Thera Body Wash McKesson Brand 53-MC8


    Thera Lotion Body Wash Scented 8 oz. Lotion

    Rinse-free topical cleanser For the face, body and perineal area, cleanses, moisturizes, and helps protects the skin Emollient-like hydration to relieve and help protect dry, cracked skin this cleanser soothes skin and provides temporary relief to...


Simply Medical offers customers an assortment of soaps for various hygienic purposes, from handwashing to bathing. We carry a variety of your favorite brands and offer a range of packaging sizes. So whether you’re buying in bulk for the office or just getting a bar of soap for your family, Simply Medical has what you need.

Liquid Soap vs. Bar Soap
Shoppers can choose between buying soap in bar or liquid form. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type. For instance, liquid soap tends to be easier to lather, but it comes with more packaging, so it’s not as eco-friendly. Liquid soap is better for offices or people who share a bathroom with others, as liquid soap is less likely to accumulate bacteria from the hands of a user.

Meanwhile, bar soap is often kinder on the skin and the environment, but it can also be more slippery and difficult to use in high-traffic areas like restaurants and workplaces. If you suffer from allergies, dermatologists may recommend sticking to bar soap, as it contains fewer ingredients and has more fragrance-free, color-free options to choose from.

Whether you are looking for handwashing soap, face soap, or body soap, you can choose either liquid or bar depending on your preferences.

Types of Soap
Soap classifications will also focus on the use of the product.

  • Handwashing Soaps: This type of soap is used exclusively for hand hygiene. The Center for Disease Control recommends washing your hands before and after preparing food, eating, caring for someone who is ill, after using the toilet, blowing your nose, and handling pets. There are many different types of hand soaps to choose from.
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap: Most hand soaps have some sort of antibacterial properties. However, some liquid soaps have a unique formulation to destroy more bacteria.
  • Antimicrobial Hand Soap: Antimicrobial hand soaps kill more than just bacteria. Antimicrobial soaps can also kill viruses, parasites, and amoeba.
  • Foaming Soap: Foam soap helps eliminate the need for lathering because it comes out ready from the soap dispenser. Foaming soap can be a time saver and can be fun for kids.
  • Liquid Soap: Regular, non-foaming liquid soap.
  • Bar Soaps for Handwashing: Using bar soap for handwashing helps eliminate waste, and often bar soap contains various natural ingredients to help prevent hands from drying out. Some bar soaps can also double as a body soap.
  • Body Soap: While some soaps are for the hands only, others work for the whole body. Body cleansing soaps can be either in liquid or bar form, but Americans typically refer to liquid body soaps as body wash.
Certain body washes contain ingredients that achieve a specific purpose, such as fighting acne or moisturizing the skin. Body scrubs fall into this category. They have ingredients or textures that exfoliate the skin as well as clean it.

Rinse-Free Body Soaps
While most soaps require water to do their job, rinse-free soap just needs to be applied to the body—no water required! Rinse-free soap and body wash can be used in various body areas and rubbed into the skin for a cleansing effect.

Daily cleaning can be difficult for some people, including the elderly and disabled, so rinse-free body soaps or washes are beneficial. If you are a caregiver or family member and have trouble cleaning someone who is bedridden or disabled, a rinse-free body soap may be the best option. Rinse-free body washes come in foam or spray formats for ease of use.

Combination Soaps
Some soaps and body washes are combination products that double as shampoo or conditioner. They help decrease the number of bottles in the bathroom and are especially convenient for the elderly and disabled. For example, 2-in-1 soap typically works as body wash and shampoo, while 3-in-1 is also a fun bubble bath.

Packaging of Soaps
Simply Medical offers multiple options for soap dispensing. Shopping for your family? A regular soap pump dispenser will do. Planning to get soap for an office building or business?

Consider buying in bulk or purchasing a professional wall-mounted soap dispenser that can be refilled with more cost-effective soap refill bags.

No matter what soap you choose from Simply Medical, it will be delivered to your doorstep quickly. Save a trip to the store and order online from the comfort of your own home.