Self-Help Aids

  • McKesson Exam Stool McKesson Brand 81-22100B-WR041


    McKesson PolyFoam Black Exam Stool

    This round pneumatic exam stool features a poly-foam cushion, five leg base, and an adjustable contoured backrest for comfort and support.Five-leg, 21 Inch (53.3 cm) black ABS plastic composite base for overall support Features 4 Inch (10.2 cm) poly-foam...

  • McKesson Bib McKesson Brand 18-964


    McKesson Disposable Adult / Geriatric Bib Tie Closure 300 per Case

    Package Count: 300. The McKesson Tie Closure Bib helps protect from fluid penetration. The poly layer keeps moisture from passing through the bib. Tissue allows for extra absorbtion.Tissue/Poly 16 x 32 inch, White Helps protect patients from fluid...

  • McKesson Step Stool with Handrail McKesson Brand 81-11220


    McKesson Powder Coated Steel Frame Black Step Stool with Handrail

    McKesson step stools come in various stool models for different uses around your office or clinic. The handrail placed in front allows for more balance when on the stepping stool. Each black powder coated steel stool has a skid resistant rubber mat for...

  • McKesson Bib McKesson Brand 18-962


    McKesson Disposable Adult / Geriatric Bib Tie Closure 500 per Case

    Package Count: 500. Protect the torso from spills while eating with the McKesson Bib. The bib is made to resist liquids keeping any messes from leaking through and staining clothes. A tie closure secures the bib close to the user, making sure food...

  • Century Series Exam Stool The Brewer Company 11001

    Century Series

    Century Series Poly-Foam Black Exam Stool

    The pneumatic stools feature a contemporary design, stylish comfort, and select options that meet the needs of any office. The 11001 Series meets exceptionally high performance, safety, and durability standards. This traditionally designed, ergonomic...

  • JOBST Compression Stocking Aid BSN Medical 110913

    BSN Jobst

    JOBST Compression Stocking Aid - Up to 18 in Calf Circumference

    The Jobst stocking donner is an easy-to-use device, ideal for people who have limited dexterity or have difficulty reaching their feet to put on their compression socks or stockings.Ideal for people who have limited dexterity or have difficulty reaching...

  • McKesson Reaching Aid McKesson Brand 146-RTL5020


    McKesson Reaching Aid - Handheld, Black

    Used to extend reach Ideal for reaching items dropped, on high shelves, or otherwise out-of-reach minimizing bending and stretching movements Ultra-lightweight frame constructed of durable aluminum and plastic to resist wear while maintaining minimal 5.4...

    Starting at $15.34
  • McKesson Shoehorn McKesson Brand 146-RTL2046


    McKesson Shoe Horn, Extra Long - Blue, 23 in L

    Long handled metal shoe horns are designed allow a person to pull on their shoes easily without excessive bending. This Dressing Aid is a worry-free product, because the sturdy metal material wipes clean and should not break.Features an extra-long,...

    Starting at $14.74
Self-Help Aids

There are dozens of types of self-help aids, from simple medication organizers to lift chairs. Here are some of the most common aids and why you might want them.

Medication Aids

For people taking multiple medications, simply keeping track of what to take and when to take it can be a chore. Opening pill bottles can be difficult. When taking medication that needs to be split or crushed, it’s even more complicated. Medication aids make it easier.

Medication aids include things such as:

  • Pill organizers, which help you keep track of what medication to take and what time of day to take them
  • Medication timers, which can be programmed to remind you when it’s time to take your medication
  • Pill splitters, which neatly and efficiently divide pills for you.
  • Pill Crushers, which effortlessly pulverize pills.
  • Easy-open pill bottle caps, which allow people with poor manual dexterity to grip and take off lids

Grabbers and Reaching Aids

For people with limited mobility or poor balance, simply reaching up to a high shelf or bending over to retrieve something from the floor can be impossible. However, a grabber, is a tube with pinchers at one end and a trigger at the other that allows people to reach and grasp items that might otherwise remain out of reach.

Dressing Aids

Bending to put on socks or shoes can be a struggle, as can buttons and even zippers. However, stocking aids (which assist in donning socks), long-handled shoehorns (which make shoes easy to slip on), button hooks (which pull buttons through buttonholes), and zipper pulls (which grab zipper tabs and make them easy to pull) can help those with mobility issues to dress.

Dining Aids

Mastering dinnerware may be a challenge for people with impaired hand functionality, such as advanced arthritis. However, adaptive dinnerware such as non-spill bowls and two-handled mugs can reduce accidents. In addition, flatware with oversized and ergonomic handles can be easier for those with limited grip to grasp.

Self-Transfer Aids

Getting in and out of bed, sitting down and rising from chairs, and getting into and out of cars can seem like an impossible task. However, many self-transfer aids allow people to make these transitions themselves rather than relying on others, even if they use a wheelchair.

  • Transfer boards help those in wheelchairs transfer themselves to other seats.
  • Seat lifts are unique cushions that sit atop a chair seat or sofa. They are mechanical devices that, when engaged, raise the back of the cushion and help the user to stand up. Seat lifts can be manual or motorized.
  • Couch canes are free-standing, cane-like devices with a base that slips under the sofa's edge and a solid, non-slip hand grip that the user can grasp to help them rise to a standing position.
  • Bed canes are similar, but slip between mattress and box springs and help the user sit up.
  • Swivel cushions are circular cushions that sit on a standard car seat. The cushion contains a mechanism that allows it to swivel (like an old-fashioned bar stool or lazy Susan), making it easy for the user to maneuver in and out of the car.