Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes Supplies
Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes is a medical condition in which your body cannot regulate the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood. When you have diabetes, you need diabetic testing supplies to check your blood sugar levels and ensure they stay within normal range.

Glucose Meter (Glucometer)

A blood glucose meter, or glucometer, is a small handheld machine used to measure the amount of glucose in your blood at any given time. Using your glucose meter involves pricking your finger to release a drop of blood, then adding the blood to a diabetic test strip inserted in the meter. The meter then measures your blood sugar and displays the number.

Test Strips

Diabetes test strips hold the blood sample that your glucose meter analyzes. The type of test strip you need is specific to your glucose meter. Check the instructions that come with the device for more information.


Lancets are tiny needles in an easy-to-grasp plastic casing. Use the needle to prick your finger when testing your blood glucose level. Some types of lancets work with a lancet device that will mechanically prick your finger at the touch of a button.

Control Solution

Control solution allows you to calibrate your glucose meter and help ensure that it’s giving the correct reading. Control solution is a liquid containing a set amount of glucose. You add it to a test strip and then test it in your glucose monitor, just like blood. If the number displayed on the meter is the same as the amount of glucose listed on the solution, you know your meter is working properly.

Glucose Monitor

Some people may need to use a continuous glucose monitor. This is a system consisting of a sensor worn on the body, a tiny wireless transmitter, and a monitor that displays results.

The sensor takes glucose level readings every few minutes around the clock and sends real-time data to the monitor. This allows you to keep closer tabs on your glucose level than routine finger pricks. Your physician will recommend this monitor for you if appropriate.

Insulin Syringes or Pens

If you have type 1 diabetes, and in some cases, if you have type 2, you will have to take insulin. Although there is a type of insulin you can inhale, most people use insulin shots. Insulin pens are pre-filled with a specific amount, while syringes let you draw the amount you need from a bottle.

Insulin Pump

Your doctor may prescribe an insulin pump instead of shots. This is a small device the size of a deck of cards attached to your waistband or belt. It uses a thin tube and a needle inserted under the skin to deliver regular small insulin doses throughout the day and night. Many insulin-dependent diabetics find that an insulin pump gives them better control over their diabetes.

Whether you have type 2 or type 1 diabetes, monitoring your blood sugar is integral to your care plan. SimplyMedical has the diabetic supplies you need.