Urinary Accessories

Urinary Accessories
  • PureWick Urine Collection System Bard PW100


    PureWick Urine Collection System without Battery

    The PureWick™ System was designed to provide women with a non-invasive option to manage their urinary incontinence. The PureWick™ System includes the PureWick™ Female External Catheter (wick) and the PureWick™ Urine Collection System. The PureWick™...

  • Hollister Urinary Leg Bag Hollister 9349


    Hollister 900 mL Urinary Leg Bag Sterile Fluid Path

    The Hollister® Urinary Leg Bag Combination Pack is a convenient and discreet catheter drainage solution. This combination pack includes the leg bag, one pair of leg straps and one sterile extension tubing. Receive one urinary bag each or 12 per box...

    As low as $23.75
  • Self-Cath Tube, Catheter Extension Coloplast 475


    Self-Cath Catheter Extension Tube 12 per Bag

    Package Count: 12. Nonsterile Specially designed for use with Self-Cath® Intermittent Catheters Connects easily to color-coded funnel to provide extra length when necessary PVC tapered in the center Cut-to-fit

  • PureWick Urine Collection Kit Bard PWKIT03


    PureWick Urine Collection Kit

    Keep essential parts of your PureWick™ Urince collection system in good working condition with the PureWick™ accessory kit. The PureWick™ accessory kit includes (1) 2000cc collection canister with lid, (1) pump tubing and (1) collector tubing with elbow...

  • Grip-Lok Foley Catheter / Line Securement Device Tidi Products 3200S


    Grip-Lok Foley Catheter / Line Securement Device 100 per Box

    Package Count: 100. Secure an IV catheter in place with the GRIP-LOK® Universal Securement Device. This device is designed to improve user comfort and safety when securing an IV catheter or tube. It's unique feature allows for an easy-to-apply secure...

  • McKesson Premium Catheter Stabilization Device McKesson Brand 18-3400LFC


    McKesson Premium Catheter Stabilization Device 100 per Box

    Package Count: 100. McKesson Grip-Lok® catheter securement devices are designed to secure 2-way and 3-way Foley catheters, sized 8-30Fr,at the Y-connection in a channel created by a foam insert and a loop strap. The device has no adhesives contacting...

  • Hold-n-Place Catheter Holder Dale Medical Products 150


    Hold-n-Place Catheter Holder, One Size - with Adhesive Patch

    For use with foley catheter One size fits all The adhesive patch, with a skin-friendly, clear, adhesive base, is ideal for short-term catheterized patients The locking devices speed up application and simplify adjustment The holders can be used with...

    As low as $13.62
  • Conveen Leg Bag Strap Coloplast 50501


    Conveen Security+ Urinary Leg Bag Strap, 15 in

    Package Count: 10. Secures a leg bag in a comfortable position with the Conveen® Leg Bag Straps. These button straps are made of soft, elastic fabric and have hook and loop closures. Each pair contains a 1-inch and a 1.5-inch strap. Receive one pair of...

  • Stayfix Catheter Fixation Device Merit Medical Systems 685ME


    Stayfix Catheter Fixation Device

    The StayFIX® fixation device is used for non-vascular catheters that are inserted into the skin. This device is designed to stop migration, movement and accidental removal of the catheter from it's intended place. StayFix® secures catheters in place...

  • Moveen Urinary Night Drainage System Coloplast 21356


    Moveen Urinary Night Drainage Bag - Sterile, 2000 mL

    Package Count: 10. Conveen® Security+ Drainage Bag is a large bedside bag for collecting drainage from a catherter. This drainage bag has a large volume capacity 2 liters. Each sterile package includes 10 bags and 2 hangers.nondrainable or with...