Washing Equipment

Bathroom Washing Equipment
  • FabLife Bath Sponge Fabrication Enterprises 45-2381

    Fabrication Enterprises

    FabLife Bath Hourglass Sponge Blue Foam, 22-1/2 Inch Plastic Handle

    The FabLife® Back Sponge Scrubber assists those with limited mobility to reach their backs and lower body. The scrubber has a 5 Inch hourglass sponge attached to a straight handle with a hole on the end of hanging up.5 Inch blue hourglass foam sponge 22½...

  • Wash Basin GMAX Industries GP41003

    GMAX Industries

    Wash Basin Gold Plastic, Rectangle

    Package Count: 50. Wash basins are handy for any number of household chores, such as conserving water when washing dishes and hand-laundering. They're also handy for taking sponge baths, and at 13 x 10⅔ inches and almost 15 inches in height, this one is...

  • McKesson Emesis Basin McKesson Brand 56-80367


    McKesson Gray Emesis Basin, 20 oz.

    Package Count: 250. Collect fluids and prevent spillage with the emesis basin from McKesson. Use it to hold water and other solutions, maintain oral hygiene and contain body fluids. The emesis tray also comes in handy for collecting expectorate, medical...

  • Kendall Solution Basin Cardinal -61000


    Kendall Solution Basin - Blue, Sterile Bowl - 16 oz

    Medical-grade polypropylene solution bowls are ideal for operating/emergency rooms and general use.Medical-grade polypropylene solution bowls are ideal for operating/emergency rooms and general use A safe, sensible alternative to stainless...

    Starting at $8.21
  • McKesson Emesis Basin McKesson Brand 56-80327


    McKesson Emesis Basin for Oral Hygiene and Ear Irrigation - Plastic

    McKesson emesis basin is 500 cc and graphite and plastic and graduated in ounces and cubic centimeters. Ideal for oral hygiene and ear irrigation.500 cc Graphite Plastic Graduated in ounces and cubic centimeters Ideal for oral hygiene and ear irrigation...

    Starting at $8.07
  • McKesson Diverter Valve McKesson Brand 146-RTL12046


    McKesson Diverter Valve for Handheld Shower Head

    The McKesson Diverter Valve is designed to deliver a 3-way connection between shower arm, showerhead, and handheld shower hose. Easy to install and works with most handheld shower sprays.Allows user to divert water flow from the regular shower head to...

  • McKesson Sitz Bath McKesson Brand 146-RTLPC23234


    McKesson Sitz Bath with Graduated Bag - Round, Plastic, Gray, 2000 mL

    Ideal for use in treatment of hemorrhoids and other conditions in the anal and genital areas, and especially after an episiotomy.Designed to fit standard toilets Includes a 2-quart solution bag, graduated to 2000 mL or cc (2 qts.), and printed...

    Starting at $19.38
  • McKesson Handheld Shower McKesson Brand 146-RTL12045


    McKesson Handheld Showerhead with Massage Settings - 84 in Hose

    The McKesson Deluxe Handheld Showerhead with Massager is designed for use with a shower chair, bench, stool or when an attendant is assisting. Complete with 3 different spray options, including full body spray, full body spray with pulsating massage and...

  • McKesson Wash Basin McKesson Brand 56-80342


    McKesson Wash Basin - Non-Sterile Plastic Bucket with Rolled Rim, 7 qt

    McKesson Wash Basin is 8 Quart Rectangle-shaped tub that is constructed of plastic and intended to accommodate limb soaking. It is graphite color and consists of rolled rims that make carrying easy.10 Inch by 13¼ Inch by 3¾ Inch Accommodating for limb...

    Starting at $8.88
  • McKesson Handheld Shower McKesson Brand 146-12037


    McKesson Shower Head, Handheld, with Diverter Valve - Plastic, 80 in Hose

    Perfect solution for added control and maneuverability for personal bathing and attendant assistance Includes diverter valve allowing user to conveniently switch from handheld spray to the mounted showerhead (included) Provides a CEC-compliant flow rate...

    Starting at $20.78
Washing Equipment

While many bathrooms, tubs, and shower aids can make life easier, bathing is sometimes impossible, making an alternative necessary. There may also be situations in which a specialty bath such as a sitz bath may be recommended.

Specialty washing equipment such as the items below can be invaluable for caregivers and those in their care.

Portable Shower Kits

Portable shower units, though they're often listed under "camping equipment," are a convenient tool for those caring for someone bedridden.

There are many portable showers (sometimes known as “rinser kits”) on the market, and designs vary. Some are battery-operated, some use gravity, some have a built-in heat source, and others must be filled with warm water.

Whatever their differences, portable showers include a container that holds water (from 1.5 to 5 gallons, depending on the brand and model) and a showerhead connected by a long, flexible hose. This allows the user to spray water anywhere, making shampooing a bed-bound person's hair much easier.

Inflatable Basins

Inflatable shampoo basins resemble a miniature version of a child’s inflatable swimming pool, though they are often square rather than round. Inflatable basins are soft, flexible, watertight, easy to clean, and portable. Some are self-draining, while others must be emptied into the sink or bath manually.

Many inflatable basins have a notch or gap at the top of one side to allow the person being shampooed to comfortably rest their head on the basin bottom while supporting the neck.

Inflatable shampoo or spa kits, which include a gravity-operated portable shower, are also available. Inflatable shampoo basins may double as standard washbasins and may be more convenient than collapsible washbasins.

Sitz Baths

The sitz bath is a specialized piece of washing equipment intended to provide cleansing and hydrotherapy to the perineum area. A sitz bath may be recommended after having surgery in this area, after childbirth, for people suffering from hemorrhoids or prostatitis, or in other cases where the perineum needs soothing or healing.

There are two types of sitz baths. One is simply a wide, shallow basin that fits into the toilet bowl and under the toilet seat. The user fills the basin with warm water and any additives (such as salt) that the doctor has recommended, then carefully sits down on the basin so that the water covers the perineum.

The second type of sitz bath is also a wide, shallow basin that fits into the toilet. A waterproof bag (like an enema bag) with a long piece of tubing is also included. The bag is filled with warm water and hung somewhere above the toilet; the tubing fits into a slot in the basin. The user sits on the toilet and releases a valve on the tubing to let the water flow. The water then gently irrigates the perineum until the water bag is empty.