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Medical Recording Paper
Recording Paper

Shop Simply Medical’s robust collection of recording paper today! We offer a wide selection of monitoring and recording papers for a variety of applications—including a complete line of ECG chart papers, fetal monitoring paper, printer paper rolls for urinalysis, and video paper. These products are perfect for hospitals, doctors’ offices, health clinics, emergency rooms, retirement communities, and more.

ECG/EKG Chart Paper
Simply Medical’s selection of ECG/EKG chart paper is meant specifically for hospitals and medical clinics to chart electrocardiogram (also known as cardiac/heart) activity on medical chart recorders. The ECG recording paper is designed to offer consistent trace quality and is intended to be fully compatible with the most prevalent devices in use today. The low-friction design helps minimize head wear and provides clear and accurate tracings. If you are looking for premium-grade thermal ECG/EKG chart paper for your chart recording machine - look no further. Choose between Z-fold packaging or a roll of paper. We offer several different paper sizes for your convenience.

Fetal Monitoring Paper
Simply Medical sells fetal monitoring paper, which is used in conjunction with ultrasound machines to track a baby’s heart rate. The ultrasound machines are typically used during prenatal visits or during labor to check the baby's heart rate. Stock up on fetal monitoring paper today so your office will always be prepared.

Printer Paper Rolls
Use McKesson's printer paper rolls when you need a refill in the McKesson 120 or McKesson Consult U120 Ultra Urine Analyzer. The high-quality thermal printer paper features a sticky adhesive backing. The highly efficient printer paper is a must-have for urinalysis supplies.

Video Paper
Simply Medical offers premium video paper to provide clear and accurate recordings and offer a low-friction design to help minimize print head wear. The media recording paper is compatible with printers UP-850, UP-860, UP-870MD, UP-D890, UP-895MD as well as most monitoring devices from leading manufacturers. The premium video paper comes on a roll for easy dispensing.

Shop at Simply Medical for all your recording paper needs. From EKG chart paper to fetal monitoring paper, our website has the healthcare supplies your facility uses daily. Your order will quickly be delivered to your business or office to save you a trip to a medical specialty store.