Household Supplies

  • McKesson Surface Disinfectant McKesson Brand 50-66160


    McKesson Surface Disinfectant Wipe 160 Count Canister Alcohol Scent

    With the Disinfecting Wipes by McKesson, you can be sure you are wiping away unwanted microorganisms that create illness in you and your loved ones. From influenza to tuberculosis to hepatitis, these powerful wipes kill viruses and bacteria within...

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  • In-Room Sharps Collector Cabinet Cardinal 85301H


    In-Room Sharps Collector Cabinet

    Wall enclosure for In-Room 2 and 3 gallon sharps containers: Mounted wall enclosures secure sharps containers, keep counter space clear, and help prevent access to contents in high traffic areas.Contents can be viewed by hospital personnel, but unsightly...

  • SharpSafety Chemotherapy Waste Container Cardinal 8989


    SharpSafety Chemotherapy Waste Container

    Many chemotherapy drugs are cytotoxic, meaning they kill living cells. They are, therefore, highly toxic. In order to safely dispose of sharps, syringes, ampules and prep materials used in the administration of chemotherapy, use this SharpSafety...

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    Kleenex 2-Ply Facial Tissue 8.4 x 8.6" 125 Count per Flat Box

    You never know when allergies or sinusitis will cause your nose to run and your eyes to water: This handy, flat box of paper handkerchieves doesn't take up much room and will be there when you need a facial tissue for any reason.Box is 8-2/5 x 8-3/5...

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  • Kleenex Facial Tissue Junior Kimberly Clark 21195


    Kleenex 2-Ply Facial Tissue Junior 5.5 x 8.375" 40 Count per Flat Box

    Take care of yourself with Kleenex® Junior Two-Ply Facial Tissue for high absorbency as you blow your nose or dab your face. Its softness doesn't chafe the skin as it wipes. Each flat box dispenses one sheet of Kleenex® junior facial tissue at a time for...

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  • Glute-Out OPA / Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer Civco Medical Instruments 610-1045


    Glute-Out OPA / Glutaraldehyde Neutralizer Powder 2 oz. Bottle Unscented

    The Glute-Out® neutralizer offers a solution to dangerous disinfectant disposal problems. Glute-Out deactivates glutaraldehydes and OPA. This neutralizer meets California EPA requirements and have been proven as a environmentally safe neutralizer.One...

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  • Classic Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Central Solutions CLAS23001


    Classic Surface Disinfectant Cleaner Liquid 1 gal. Jug Floral Scent

    Tried and true whirlpool solutions from the national leader in whirlpool bathing liquids. Formulated to provide a healthy and safe bathing experience. Easy on the budget, and guaranteed compatible with virtually any bathing unit, CLASSIC solutions are...

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  • Enzol Enzymatic Instrument Detergent Advanced Sterilization Products 2252


    Enzol Enzymatic Instrument Detergent 1 gal. Jug

    ENZOL® Enzymatic Detergent is a mild enzyme-based pre-soak and cleaner designed to effectively remove organic soil from the contaminated endoscopic instruments. The detergent provides a one-step cleaning process, with the enzyme breaking down organic...

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