Over the Counter

Over the Counter Products
  • OTC RESCUE Topical Pain Relief Veridian Healthcare LLC 30-91130PF


    OTC RESCUE Pain Relief Patch Lidocaine Box 4% Strength

    Are you tired of coping with persistent pain that hinders your everyday activities? OTC Rescue 4% lidocaine patches offer temporary relief from minor muscle and joint discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis, simple backaches, strains,...

    As low as $31.99
  • TheraCare Steam Therapy System Veridian Healthcare LLC VHKIT-CC03


    TheraCare Steam Therapy System Set

    Keeping your cough and cold home care supplies stocked has never been easier. This bundle offers a first line of support against colds and cough monitoring and symptom relief at home. Keep dry air at bay during cold weather all day with this warm mist...

  • TheraCare Pain Relief Bundle, 3-Piece Veridian Healthcare LLC VHKIT-PM02


    TheraCare Pain Relief Bundle, 3-Piece

    Take care of common aches and pains from the comfort of home with these three essential products. Selected for immediate treatment, longer therapy sessions or while on the go. All products offer full use instructions, care and cleaning tips and end user...

  • Doctor Easy Splash Guard Doctor Easy Medical Products SSW

    Doctor Easy

    Doctor Easy Splash Guard

    Package Count: 10. The Splash Shield for the Elephant® Ear Washer is a circular plastic disc that sits behind the disposable tip at the end of the tube. The Splash Shield helps to avoid having solution or earwax splash back on to the hands and helps to...

  • Doctor Easy Rhino Ear Washer Doctor Easy Medical Products RW

    Doctor Easy

    Doctor Easy Rhino Ear Washer

    Get professional ear cleaning at home. Invented by a physician, use the Rhino Ear Washer to clean your ears. If you use a hearing aid, use the Rhino Ear Washer to keep your ears cleaned out to prolong the life of your vital hearing aid! Use along with...

  • Eaton Medical Contact Lens Case Eaton Medicals 250-400W

    Eaton Medical

    Eaton Medical Contact Lens Case

    Contact lens case features superior deep wells to store all types of contact lenses.A nonstick star at the bottom of the well makes lens removal easy Double lock caps have 1/8 inch more locking tension than most others on the market Guaranteed to be free...

    As low as $9.08
  • The Morgan medi-Flow Lens Morgan Med-Flow Lens Mortan MT2000

    The Morgan Lens

    The Morgan medi-Flow Lens Morgan Med-Flow Lens

    Used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation, the Morgan lens eye irrigation system can, in seconds, give an eye the washing it needs if injured by chemical or thermal burns.The Morgan Lens is designed to be...

    As low as $61.10
  • 3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons Ear Plugs 3M 312-1250


    3M E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons Ear Plugs Disposable Yellow

    The 3M™ E-A-Rsoft™ Yellow Neons™ Earplugs feature a natural cylindrical shape and smooth texture for a comfortable fit. Once in the ear, foam earplugs expand to conform to the unique shape of each ear canal. Bright yellow color is designed to help make...

  • Dr. Easy Ear Basin Doctor Easy Medical Products BW

    Dr. Easy

    Dr. Easy Ear Basin Reusable White

    Dr. Easy basin is an economical basin for cleaning ears at home or in a doctor's office. Solution sprayed into a human ear will come back out rather rapidly: This basin is shaped to fit on the side of the head, just under ear, so all liquid is captured...

  • Kanjo Topical Pain Relief Acutens Inc KANPAINGEL


    Kanjo Pain Relief Topical Gel Menthol 4.2 oz. Bottle 5% Strength

    Arnica refers to a genus of perennial, herbaceous plants belonging to the sunflower family (Asteraceae). Arnica is believed to have anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial for reducing swelling and pain associated with injuries. Menthol can be...

  • Kanjo Acupressure Ear Seeds Acutens Inc KANSEED


    Kanjo Acupressure Ear Seeds

    Ear seeds harness the power of acupressure from Eastern medicine to alleviate pain and stress. By placing Kanjo acupressure ear speeds on specific pressure points of the ear corresponding to pain areas in the body, you can find relief from chronic pain,...

Over the Counter

Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies make it possible to treat many minor health ailments at home. These medicines are available without a prescription. So you can stock up before you need them and have them handy for when the need arises. A well-stocked medicine cabinet or first aid kit should include medicines from these categories of OTC drugs.

Antifungal creams, powders, and lotions contain ingredients that can help ease the itch and other symptoms associated with fungal infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm. Some may also help relieve insect bites, psoriasis, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, and other skin irritation. These products contain active ingredients such as hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation plus clotrimazole or other antifungals. You apply them topically, directly to the irritated area.

Cough & Cold
Cough, congestion, sore throat, and other symptoms with the common cold and other minor viruses aren't serious but can be uncomfortable. While colds seem more frequent during the winter months, they can occur any time of year. So, it's a good idea to have products such as cough syrup, lozenges, sore throat spray, and mucus relief tablets handy year-round.

Ear & Eye Care
Ears and eyes are vulnerable to irritation and inflammation. Ear wax buildup can make ears feel clogged or even can lead to infections. Ear wax remover drops or ear wash systems can help soften, loosen and remove ear wax. In addition, eye drops can ease redness and irritation in the eyes due to allergies, dryness, dust, or other irritants.

Laxatives, stool softeners, suppositories, and fiber supplements help ease constipation and encourage more regular bowel movements. The type of product to use generally depends on the severity of symptoms.

Oral laxatives may be in pill, liquid, or powder that you can stir into water or another beverage. The design provides occasional relief of mild symptoms.

Suppositories are more fast-acting and may be more appropriate for more serious symptoms. If constipation is an ongoing issue, your doctor may recommend taking a fiber supplement regularly to help encourage healthy digestion.

Pain Relief
Headaches, backaches, sprains and strains, toothaches, and fevers can strike unexpectedly. So it's always a good idea to have a supply of oral pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, or acetaminophen. These medications can help ease minor aches, pains, and fevers.

It can be helpful to stock up on topical pain relief agents, as well. These include pain-relief creams, gels, sprays, and patches that you can apply directly to an area that feels sore, such as a backache or muscle strain, to get fast relief.

As you stock your medicine cabinet, it's important to remember that over-the-counter medicines can sometimes have interactions with other drugs, and some may not be right for people with certain health conditions. Talk with your healthcare provider about all medications you take, including OTC remedies and even supplements. Follow dosing instructions carefully and take medications only as directed.