Glucose Meters

Glucose Meters
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    Easy Talk

    Easy Talk 6 Second Blood Glucose Meter

    No code talking meter for those whose sight has been affected by diabetes Small sample size minimizes the need for deep lancet penetration 6 secs Response offers fast results for convenience Alternate site testing (AST) to help avoid pain in the fingers...

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    Advocate 5 Second Blood Glucose Meter

    Tiny blood sample with alternate site testing Big screen display No coding required 6 reminder alarms 5 second test time 400 test time results Pre & post meal markers PC downloadable results

Glucose Meters

Whether you have high or low blood sugar, a glucose meter can help you monitor and manage your levels. There are a variety of glucose meters for diabetics available. The proper meter makes a difference in your comfort and overall testing experience.

Choosing Your Glucose Meter

Most insurance policies cover diabetes medication and supplies. However, they may prefer you use a specific meter. Insurance can also require your doctor to complete additional paperwork called a prior authorization to support your medical need for your blood glucose meter and testing supplies. If this is the case, your local pharmacy will notify your doctor to initiate the process. Always check with your insurer if you're uncertain of your coverage.

Special Features
Available features differ between glucose meters. With that said, some of the top features to consider are:
  • Unit size
  • Larger digital readout
  • Accuracy
  • Faster test results
  • Amount of blood needed to test
  • Data storage
Glucose Meter Size and Type
Glucose meter size ranges from a few inches square to palm-sized units. Today, there are also small, wearable units. Wearable meters offer continuous glucose testing and eliminate the need for multiple finger pricks.

Data Storage
Most glucose readers can store several readings. For example, the average meter can hold 20-100 results, while other units can save up to 1,000 results. Data storage is a helpful reference tool for you and your medical provider to manage your blood sugar levels.

Test Kit Equipment
Your diabetes tester kit should include everything you need to get started: the meter, a logbook, a quick start manual, and initial supplies of test strips and lancets. Test strips and lancets are single-use supplies, so you'll need to replace these when your supply runs out.

Things to Keep in Mind

Set up for your blood glucose meter varies by product. First, follow the instructions or quick start guide that comes with your unit. Then, read through the guide to familiarize yourself with your glucose meter operation, special features, and testing instructions. Once set-up is complete, you're ready to begin.

Blood Sample Size
The blood sample size is relatively small. One drop of blood – roughly 0.5 microliters – is all you need. Once you begin testing, you'll quickly get a feel for the size of the drop you need. A sufficient drop should fill the marked end of the test strip.

Test Time
Talk to your provider about when and how often you should test for your blood glucose monitoring needs. It varies from one person to the next. For some, once or twice daily is sufficient. Some may need to test several times a day.

Collaborate with your doctor about your needs and preferences to eliminate the guesswork in choosing your glucose meter. Your healthcare provider can provide guidance on which meters are the best choices for you. Once you receive your meter, read all instructions carefully and follow them to ensure you receive the most accurate results.

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