Baby Formula

Baby Formula
Baby Formula

If you're a mom or dad searching for baby formula for your infant, Simply Medical has you covered. Shop our wide selection of formula to find your little one's favorite brand. All the formulas we sell are fortified with nutrients specifically for newborns and infants.

What Brand of Baby Formula Should I Buy?
Whether you buy Gerber formula, Similac baby formula, or another brand is largely a matter of preference. All brands must meet federal nutrition standards to be suitable single sources of nutrition for growing babies.

You can rest assured that all major brands are acceptable choices for your baby. If you are not sure which one is best for your little one, talk with your pediatrician to make the right choice.

What if My Baby Has Dietary Needs or Allergies?
While most babies do fine with whatever you choose, some may have particular dietary needs. For example, some babies may need more iron in their diets. Some may be allergic to certain ingredients, such as cow’s milk.

Some parents find that certain types of formula seem to trigger tummy troubles, rashes, or colic. Other types of formula seem to help ease some of these symptoms. It may take some trial and error to discover which brand or formulation works best for your infant.

There are many options available for alternate formulas if your baby is allergic to milk or lactose: choose from soy, plant-based, and more.

Pre-Mixed vs Powdered Formula
Your child’s healthcare provider is an excellent source of information on all matters related to your baby’s health, including concerns you may have about baby formula. Some formulas are ready-made, while others are sold as powders that mix with water.

A canister of powdered formula takes up less space than the same number of servings would in pre-made packages. Some parents like the option of not having to worry about mixing formulas. This is typically a matter of personal preference.

Simply Medical Makes Ordering Formula Easy
Shopping for baby formula doesn’t have to be stressful. When you shop at Simply Medical, you can easily browse our formula selection at your leisure from the comfort of your home. Once purchased, the baby formula will quickly be delivered right to your door.