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Ankle Braces & Foot Supports

  • Ossur Soft Top Post-Op Shoe Ossur 18005

    Ossur Black Soft Top Post-Op Shoe Adult Female

    This Össur Women's Cast Shoe is made to fit size 7 to 8 women's shoe sizes. The cast shoe is intended for use during recovery from soft tissue procedures, post trauma and to relieve a geriatric or insensitive foot.Size mediumThe cotton-poly blend upper...

  • Ossur Soft Top Post-Op Shoe Ossur 18013

    Ossur Black Soft Top Post-Op Shoe Male 4 to 6

    Suitable for use while you recover after a soft tissue procedure, post trauma or to relieve an insensitive or geriatric foot, this Össur Men's Soft-Top Post-Op Shoe features a cotton-poly blend upper that promotes air circulation. The contact closure...

  • McKesson Dorsal Night Splint McKesson Brand 155-14040L-XL

    McKesson Black Low Profile Dorsal Night Splint, for Either Foot

    McKesson's dorsal night splint holds the foot in a neutral position during sleep, helping to alleviate morning pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. It may also be used for other conditions where stabilization of...

  • Peg-Assist Insole Darco International PTQW2

    Peg-Assist Insole Female 6-1/2 to 8

    Protect feet while they recover and heal with this women's Darco PegAssist™ Insole System. It works as an additional or replacement insole that fits inside a square-toe MedSurge protective shoe, cushioning feet from impact while walking. On the bottom of...

  • Peg-Assist Insole Darco International PTQM2

    Peg-Assist Insole Male 8-1/2 to 10

    The PegAssist™ Insole System is for individuals who are recovering from foot surgery or dealing with wounds or ulcers. It consists of a removable peg insole that allows the user to customize it to achieve maximum comfort and support. The men's Darco...

  • Darco Med-Surg Post-Op Shoe Darco International MSW2N

    Darco Med-Surg Navy Blue Sandal Post-Op Shoe

    Metashank™ construction effectively immobilizes the metatarsal region, protecting surgical correctionsNarrow reinforced heel counterTwo velcro straps are easily adjusted for patient comfort and can accommodate bulky dressings and bandagesLow profile,...

  • Darco Web Ankle Brace Darco International WB2

    Darco Web Ankle Brace, for Either Foot

    Bungee closure provides superior compression and allows for one-handed adjustmentsThe removable medial and lateral stays are rigid enough to provide controoled restriction of inversion/eversionDurable ballistic nylon shell is breathable and molds to the...

  • APB Post-Op Shoe Darco International APQ2B

    APB Black Post-Op Shoe

    The All Purpose Boot's all season closed toe protection allows dressings to be kept clean and toes dry, providing more protection for post operative procedures and fiberglass castsSquare toe design acts as a bumper when K-wires are present and provides...

  • Darco Softie Post-Op Shoe Darco International STM3B

    Darco Softie Black Sandal Poly Cotton Post-Op Shoe Male 10.5 to 12

    Very soft, breathable upper is made of a poly-cotton blend that conforms to bony abnormalities of the foot and provides cool comfort for patientsTime tested semi-rigid sole with Metashank™ permits enough flexibility to ambulate, while protecting the...