Upper Body

  • CanDo Shoulder Exerciser Fabrication Enterprises 50-1023

    Fabrication Enterprises

    CanDo Black Shoulder Exerciser

    The CanDo over-door shoulder single pulley exerciser with door strap is designed to increase shoulder range of motion. The pulley with anchor nub is an economical and lightweight shoulder pulley solution.Used to increase shoulder range of motion Includes...

  • Blue Ranger Shoulder Pulley Exerciser Therapeutic Dimensions BLRA-MB-RP


    BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley Exerciser with Metal Bracket

    The BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley gently uses the force of gravity to increase movement and circulation of blood to the shoulder joint. Exercising with the BlueRanger™ Shoulder Pulley aids the healing process, progressing to a pain-free range of motion and...

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