• McKesson Measurement Tape McKesson Brand 63-4413


    McKesson Measurement Tape 24" Paper Disposable 1000 per Box

    Package Count: 1000. Convenient disposable tape measure with graduated English and Metric scales.>24 Inch Infant Size Space to record patient information Graduated English & Metric scales with blue markings Disposable

  • Health O Meter Floor Scale Health O Meter 844KLS

    Health O Meter

    Health O Meter Digital Floor Scale 440 lbs. / 200 kg Capacity

    This Health o meter Professional Digital bathroom floor scale features an easy-to-clean plastic platform and a heavy duty metal base inside. The extra-large display is very easy-to-read and displays an accurate reading in only a few seconds. Button on...

  • Health O Meter Height Measuring Rod Health O Meter 205HR

    Health O Meter

    Health O Meter Height Measuring Rod 0 to 90 Inch Polymer

    The Health o Meter Height Rod is a high-strength height-measuring rod that is easy to use. Made out of robust polymers, this height rod will last years as it will withstand pressure and bending. Because this polymer high-strength wall-mounted height rod...

  • McKesson Measurement Tape McKesson Brand 63-4414


    McKesson Measurement Tape 72 Inch Cloth Reusable 6 per Box

    Package Count: 6. Convenient reusable tape measure with graduated English and Metric scale.White plastic case with push button to retract tape measure Reusable Durable linen-like fiberglass tape measure 72L X 1/4W Inch Retractable Cloth Graduated...

  • Ideaworks Floor Scale Jobar International JB5824


    Ideaworks Digital Audio Floor Scale up to 550 lbs

    Monitoring your health is made easy with the Ideaworks® Extra Wide Talking Scale. This scale provides a pleasant, easy-to-hear voice that provides accurate readings. Along with the voice readings, the large LCD screen displays clear and easy-to-read...

  • Mabis Measurement Tape Mabis Healthcare 35-780-000


    Mabis Measurement Tape 1/4 X 60 Inch Reusable

    The Mabis® Compact tape measure is handy to have at home or to carry with you when you need to measure on the go. The material is flexible making it easy to measure straight and curved objects. Versatile, this tape has measurements in inches as well as...

  • McKesson Measurement Tape McKesson Brand 63-4412


    McKesson Paper Tape Measure - Disposable, 36 Inches

    Package Count: 1000. Measure the length and circumference of babies (newborns and infants) with this measuring tape. It's paper so you can write any information on it that you deem necessary.Metric scales are on one side, imperial on the other Intended...

  • Seca Wall-mounted Stadiometer Seca 2161814009


    Seca Wall-mounted Stadiometer 1.4 to 90 Inch Plastic

    A stadiometer is a device for measuring height that typically consists of a vertical ruler with a sliding horizontal rod or paddle which is adjusted to rest on the top of the head. It's useful to measure children's growth and to calculate adults' BMI...

  • Health O Meter Floor Scale Health O Meter

    Health O Meter

    Health O Meter Digital Talking Floor Scale for Visually Impaired

    The Health O Meter Talking Digital Floor Scale is a high capacity floor scale ideal for both clinical and home care environments. Its audio weight read out feature makes it easy for users to hear their results without straining to see the display.For the...

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If you’re in the market for a new scale, consider shopping at Simply Medical. We offer fast delivery right to your front door!

Choosing a new bathroom scale (or replacing an old one) involves making a few different decisions. You should consider whether you want a digital or analog scale, as well as a simple versus high-tech model.

Digital Scale or Analog?
There are two basic types of bathroom scales: analog or digital. Analog scales are purely mechanical, with no electronic parts. They may be slightly less accurate than digital scales but are more durable and don’t require batteries. Digital scales combine mechanical parts and electronics to provide more finely-calibrated results.

Simple or High-Tech Scale?
Analog scales do one thing only: they measure your weight. Digital scales, on the other hand, run the gamut from simple weight-measurement tools to high-tech gadgets that can not only weigh you but measure your body fat, check your heart rate, and more. Some high-tech models have companion apps and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, automatically tracking and updating your weight, BMI, or other metrics.

Key Points to Consider when Choosing a Bathroom Scale

Whether you’re looking for an app-enabled high-tech digital scale or the simplest of analog models, there are a few things to consider before you buy:
  • Weight capacity. It’s essential to choose the correct scale for your body weight. While most scales accommodate weights up to 275 or 300 pounds, people heavier than this should check the scale's capacity before buying. Newer designs are often engineered to measure weights up to 400 or even 500 pounds. Scales designed for larger bodies are usually wider than standard scales, giving you a broader, more stable base to stand on. This can be helpful even if you don’t need the additional weight capacity.
  • Readability. No matter how many bells and whistles your new scale has, its usefulness is limited if you can’t easily read it. The display should be large and easy to read and should be located where any part of your body doesn’t obscure it while you’re standing on it. Some digital scales offer an audio feature that lets the scale “read” your weight aloud, along with showing it on the display. This feature can be helpful for those with visual impairments.
  • Durability. The best bathroom scale can withstand wear and tear for years. Look for models made of durable materials for more prolonged use.
  • Ease of use. While digital scales can have a wide variety of features beyond merely measuring weight, to be truly useful, they should be easy to operate. Choose a scale that meets your needs without offering extra options you’re not likely to use. If the scale you opt for has functions other than measuring weight, make sure the instructions are clear and easy to understand before you buy.
There are dozens of types of scales on the market, and the suitable model for you depends on what you want. Whether you choose digital or analog, high-tech or low-tech, stylish or utilitarian, keeping the four factors above in mind will help you select the model best suited to you. Visit Simply Medical today to shop for a new scale and any other healthcare supplies you might need.