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Wound & Skin Prep

  • 3M Steri-Strip Skin Closure Strip 3M

    3M Steri-Strip Flexible Skin Closure Strip Sterile

    Non-invasive, sterile design helps reduce scarring and the risk of infection, compared to sutures and staples, with less tissue trauma and better cosmetic outcomesAdhesive is hypoallergenicEasy to apply - Fast application

    Starting at $58.99
  • 3M Steri-Strip Skin Closure Strip 3M

    3M Steri-Strip Reinforced Skin Closure Strip Sterile

    3M Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closure Reinforced are sterile skin closure strips. These wound closure strips are made of a porous, non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive, hypoallergenic adhesive. Each strip is reinforced with polyester...

    Starting at $59.99
  • McKesson Swabstick McKesson Brand

    McKesson 6'' Cotton Tip Swabstick

    Cotton-tipped applicator is Ideal for application of prepping solutions.NonsterileWood shaft with absorbent cotton tipConvenient ruler for measurement of site applicationSingle use

    Starting at $6.99
  • McKesson OB/GYN Swab McKesson Brand

    McKesson 8'' Rayon Swab OB GYN Swab

    Rayon-tipped swabsticks are ideal for obstetrics and gynecological uses.Nonsterile8 inch (20 cm)Paper shaftSingle useNot made with natural rubber latex

    Starting at $5.99
  • McKesson Adhesive Remover McKesson Brand 176-5729

    McKesson Adhesive Remover Wipe

    Adhesive remover wipes, individually packaged, help to remove adhesive tape, adhesive residue and pouches from skin. 2.4 x 2.4 inches (6.1 x 6.1 centimeters)Helps to remove adhesive tape, adhesive residue and pouches from skinCleanses skin and removes...

  • McKesson Skin Closure Strip McKesson Brand 3004

    McKesson Flexible Skin Closure Strip 1/2 X 4" Sterile

    Non-Reinforced1/2-inch x 4-inch (12 mm x 102 mm)TanIdeal for closing small cuts and woundsUnique microporous construction is designed to permit skin ventilation and prevent macerationEasy to apply and comfortable to wearFlexible material conforms to the...

  • McKesson Cotton Ball McKesson Brand

    McKesson NonSterile Cotton Balls

    Cotton balls have multiple uses but in a healthcare environment are just the thing for prepping, wound cleansing and perineal care.100% cottonSoft, offering maximum absorbencyRetains shape wet or dryNonsterileSingle useWhite

    Starting at $7.99
  • McKesson Impregnated Swabstick McKesson Brand

    McKesson Povidone-Iodine Impregnated Swabstick

    The McKesson Impregnated Swabstick is formulated with povidone-iodine to act as a topical antiseptic and germicide in order to reduce the risk of skin infection from minor cuts, scrapes and burns.Helps prevent the risk of skin infection in minor cuts,...

    Starting at $6.99
  • McKesson Skin Closure Strip McKesson Brand

    McKesson Reinforced Skin Closure Strip Sterile

    McKesson Skin Closure Strip is ideal for taking care of smaller cuts and wounds that need not only closure but also protection and support. The small strips are a perfect addition to any first aid kit. With the compact size, they can also be transported...

    Starting at $11.99
  • PDI Adhesive Remover Professional Disposables

    PDI Adhesive Remover Pad

    Designed to reduce patient discomfort with the removal of adhesive tape from skin.Effectively softens and removes tape and residue from intact skinReduces patient discomfortContains C11-12 Isoparaffin, isopropyl alcohol, petroleum naphtha, isopropyl...

    Starting at $6.99