Medical Garments
  • JOBST Opaque Compression Stocking BSN Medical 115283

    BSN Jobst

    JOBST Opaque Compression Stocking Knee High Off-White, Medium

    Jobst has created the Jobst opaque for stylish compression leg therapy that is easy to put on and comfortable to wear year round Jobst opaque line is made with an exceptional combination of silicone blend finish, multi-fiber yarn, and 3d knit structure...

  • Green Drop Compression Socks Green Drop Compression LLC SOX-1455

    Green Drop

    Green Drop Compression Socks - Medical-Grade Infused Support

    Being active is your passion. Being sidelined by soreness, aches and pains is your nightmare. That's why active people like you choose Green Drop. Only Green Drop infuses high-performance compression material and tapes with a blend of three natural...

    As low as $18.74
  • Hipsters Hip Protection Brief Tidi Products 6016L


    Hipsters Beige Hip Protection Brief Adult

    Hipsters Briefs have specially-designed foam pads in the hip areas that protect the wearer in the event of a fall. The pads in these Safety Briefs are made from a high impact-absorbing foam that is soft and comfortable, and they have a low profile for an...

  • Reflections Thong Panty Dukal 900502-1


    Reflections Black Thong Panty Disposable Adult

    Nonsterile Provides comfort with just the right amount of coverage Made of soft spun bonded polypropylene material Available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate multiple treatments Each garment is individually wrapped for hygienic purposes...

    As low as $35.91
  • EdemaWear Compression Stockinette Compression Dynamics B960001


    EdemaWear Compression Stockinette White, Medium

    EdemaWear® stockinet utilizes a new textile technology, Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC), which appears to be superior to existing compression products in controlling swelling. Wales (fuzzy corduroy-like material) create a fuzzy nexus with the skin...

  • EdemaWear Compression Stockinette Compression Dynamics B600001


    EdemaWear Compression Stockinette White, Small

    The EdemaWear compression stockinette is made to help with all types of swelling, venous insufficiency, skin protection and more. Utilizing a new textile technology, Fuzzy Wale Elastic Compression (FWC), this stockinette is made of Lycra® and...

  • SafeHip AirX Unisex Hip Protection Pant Tytex 336550-03.01.J47

    Safehip AirX Unisex

    SafeHip AirX Hip Protection Brief Pants - White, Unisex

    Safehip® AirX™ Unisex Hip Protection Pant is a Skin-friendly hip protector with horse-shoe shaped shield helps disperse fall-away energy from hip joint. Constructed with a protector shield based on AirX spacer-fabric technology designed to adapt to body...

    As low as $15.99
  • McKesson Post-Surgical Bra McKesson Brand 83-918-03


    McKesson Surgi-Bra Post-Surgical Bra - Cotton and Spandex, White

    This McKesson Post-Surgical Bra is intended for use following select breast procedures, such as augmentation, biopsy and smaller mastopexies, providing medium to firm compression. The surgical bra looks and feels natural underneath clothing and is highly...

    As low as $39.83
  • McKesson Post-Surgical Bra McKesson Brand 83-908W-34


    McKesson Surgi-Bra Post-Surgical Bra - Cotton and Spandex

    Cotton/Spandex Therapeutic breast support provides light compression following breast procedures such as augmentation, reduction, mastopexy and biopsy Full coverage Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners on straps permit easy access to surgical site

    As low as $30.87
  • JOBST Anti-Em Anti-embolism Stocking BSN Medical 111406

    BSN Jobst

    Jobst Anti-Embolism Elastic Stockings - Knee High, Unisex

    The JOBST® Seamless Anti-Embolism Elastic Stocking is specifically designed to combat thromboembolism It applies a gradient compression, greatest at the ankle, and gradually decreasing to the thigh without tourniqueting or impeding the venous return A...

    As low as $13.93