Hot & Cold Therapy

  • Koolit 600 Series Refrigerant Gel Pack Cold Chain Technologies 616A

    Koolit 600 Series Cold Pack 36 per Case

    Package Count: 36An economical alternative to wet ice enclosed in durable 4.1 mil polyethylene filmPolar Pack gel packs provide reliable, non-mechanical refrigeration for the safe transport of food products, pharmaceuticals, and other medical...

  • Secure-All Ice Pack O&M Halyard Inc

    Secure-All Reusable Ice Pack

    Soft outer cover with moisture absorbing middle layerPlastic clip closure is completely enclosedConformable opening holds shape while ice is being added16-1/2 inch tie string length

    Starting at $78.99
  • O&M Halyard Stay-Dry Ice Bag O&M Halyard Inc

    O&M Halyard Stay-Dry Disposable Ice Bag

    They are made with a patented 3-layer STAY-DRY* construction to help reduce wetness due to condensationMinimizes condensationConsistent cold therapyMinimizes leakingClip closure and four ties

    Starting at $74.99
  • 3M Hot / Cold Therapy Pack 3M

    3M Reusable Gel Hot Cold Therapy Pack

    For fast pain relief at homeA soft, gel-filled pillow that chills in your freezer to an ice-cold temperatureA convenient way to apply cold first aidUse for: minor bumps, bruises, muscle aches, strains, sprains, tension headaches, minor burns, scrapes,...

    Starting at $10.99
  • McKesson Ice Bag McKesson Brand

    McKesson Reusable Ice Bag

    Reusable ice bag: Just fill and apply where needed to reduce pain and swelling.Designed for ease of useWide mouth for easy loadingSoft, extra-long ties assist in securing ice pack to bodyAdvanced moisture-wicking coverRemovable inner bladder:...

    Starting at $14.49
  • McKesson Instant Cold Pack McKesson Brand 16-9703

    McKesson Disposable Instant Cold Pack 24 per Case

    Package Count: 24Deliver fast, immediate relief with the McKesson General-Purpose 6 x 9-inch Instant Cold Compress. It's easy to apply and offers effective emergency treatment at home, in the workplace or on the go. The McKesson instant cold compress...

  • McKesson Deluxe Instant Cold Pack McKesson Brand 79450

    McKesson Deluxe Disposable Instant Cold Pack

    Activate with an easy squeeze and a quick shake for fast and effective therapeutic cold treatment.Instant cold compresses aid in reducing pain and swelling when applied to injured areasActivate with a squeeze and quick shake for fast therapeutic...

    Starting at $6.99
  • McKesson Hot / Cold Pack McKesson Brand

    McKesson Reusable Gel Hot Cold Pack

    For therapeutic relief of sore and stiff joints, muscle tension, cramps, bruises, swelling, muscle spasm and painDesigned to provide hot or cold therapyNontoxic gel design can be brought to preferred temperature through microwaving or freezingConforms to...

    Starting at $18.99
  • McKesson Hot Pack McKesson Brand

    McKesson Disposable Instant Hot Compress

    Designed to provide immediate hot therapy.Wrap in your own cloth before usingInstant chemical activationNot made with natural rubber latex

    Starting at $13.99
  • McKesson Hot Pack McKesson Brand

    McKesson Deluxe Disposable Instant Hot Compress

    Deluxe instant hot compress designed to provide immediate hot therapy.Conforms to body contours to help relieve pain and reduce swellingStays hot for approximately 20 minutes after activation

    Starting at $18.99