Urinals & Bedpans

  • McKesson Male Urinal McKesson Brand 51-H140-01


    McKesson Translucent White Male Urinal, 1 Quart

    Contoured handle attaches easily to healthcare beds Attached lid prevents spilling and helps contain odors Hole opening angled for use Polyethylene contstruction with ribbed bottom for greater strength Graduated to 32 ounces (1 quart) /1000 mL...

    Starting at $1.19
  • McKesson Pontoon Bedpan McKesson Brand 56-80217A


    McKesson Graphite Pontoon Bedpan

    Stackable Weight Capacity - 250 lbs Graduated in both mL and ounces Plastic Saddle-shaped with a high-rolled front Graphite Nonstick surface

    Starting at $2.49
  • McKesson Contoured Bedpan McKesson Brand 146-RTLPC23212


    McKesson Gray Contoured Bedpan

    Convenient solution for individuals who have trouble getting out of bed and getting to the bathroom.Unisex 12 Inches by 4¼ Inches by 16¼ Inches Holds up to 84 fluid ounces 250 lbs. weight capacity Gray Contoured design provides comfort and features side...

    Starting at $11.99
  • McKesson Stackable Bedpan McKesson Brand 56-80245


    McKesson Graphite Stackable Bedpan

    The McKesson stackable bedpans feature helps minimize storage space and fits over standard toilet when the seat is raised.Graphite Plastic Stacking feature helps minimize storage space Fits over standard toilet when seat is raised Graduated in both mL...

    Starting at $1.99
  • Carex Male Urinal Apex-Carex Healthcare FGP70700 0000


    Carex White Male Urinal, 32 oz.

    The Male Urinal helps to prevent spills and control odor with an attached snap on lid.Attached snap on lid helps to prevent spills and odor Gradation marks to measure output up to 32 fluid ounces Made from lightweight polyethylene Sturdy grip for easy...

    Starting at $6.99
  • McKesson Male Urinal McKesson Brand 146-RTLPC23201-M


    McKesson White Male Urinal, 32 oz.

    Convenient for male individuals who have trouble getting to the bathroom. Featured shape and sturdy grip handle designed to prevent spills and allow easy handling and angled use in several patient positions.Included urinal cover provides enhanced spill...

    Starting at $4.99
  • McKesson Female Urinal McKesson Brand 146-RTLPC23201-F


    McKesson Translucent Female Urinal, 32 oz.

    Convenient for female individuals who have trouble getting to the bathroom. Featured shape and sturdy grip handle designed to prevent spills and allow easy handling and angled use in several patient positions.Lightweight, durable, and easy- to-clean...

    Starting at $5.99

Urinals & Bedpans

Although they are simple to use, bedpans and urinals are not one-size-fits-all items. There are a surprising number of different options, particularly in the bedpan category, and choosing the correct toileting aid for your unique situation can make the experience of using it much more comfortable.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Bedpan or Urinals

When purchasing a bedpan or urinal, several questions need to be answered.

  • Who will be using it — a man or a woman? In the case of urinals, especially, men and women have different needs.
  • How mobile is the user? Those completely bed-bound will not have the same needs as those who can sit up or even transfer to a commode chair.
  • How often will it be used? This will influence the size of the item you purchase.
  • How large/heavy is the user? A good fit between the toileting aid and its use is important.
  • Will it be for long- or short-term use? Long-term users may want to opt for sturdier but more expensive versions than short-term users.

What Is a Bedpan?

A bedpan is a shallow, pan-like toilet intended for use by someone bedridden. Bedpans can be effective either lying down or sitting up and collect both urine and feces. Reuseable bedpans are typically made from plastic or stainless steel. Disposable bedpans (and urinals) are made from paper pulp.

Types of Bedpans and Their Uses

  • Cutaway - Cutaway bedpans are flat, fairly uniform in height, and roughly triangular in shape. They are primarily intended for people who can sit up in bed. Standard bedpans are available in both reusable and disposable models.
  • Slippter - Slipper pans or fracture pans are thin at one edge and tall at the other, with a handle on the back. They’re intended for people who cannot sit up, such as those recovering from surgery or a broken bone in their lower body. The wedge-shaped design makes them easy to slide beneath the user’s body, and the handle allows for easy removal.
  • Bariatric - Bariatric bedpans are sturdier material than their standard counterparts and have a much higher weight capacity.

What Is a Urinal?

Urinals are bottle-like receptacles used to collect the urine of those who cannot use the regular toilet. Urinals come in male and female versions.

Types of Urinals and Their Uses

Urinal bottles for men are made of plastic, are similar in shape to a half-gallon milk jug or juice bottle. They are often equipped with a handle. These urinals typically come flattened on one side for stability and to reduce the likelihood of spillage. They may close with a lid when not in use.

Urinal bottles for women are similar to those intended for men but have a curved, funnel-shaped top that fits snugly against the body to prevent leakage.

Where to Store Bedpans and Urinals?

Storage is really a matter of personal choice, but they should be kept nearby when not being cleaned to avoid the risk of accidents.

Choosing the right bedpan or urinal can make life more comfortable for those confined to bed, whether short- or long-term.