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  • W.A. Baum Sprague Stethoscope W.A. Baum 2700

    W.A. Baum Sprague Stethoscope

    Package Count: 1The Baum Sprague Rappaport Type Stethoscope is designed to meet a wide variety of auscultatory demands and built to unique specifications.Designed to meet a wide variety of auscultatory demandsModular adult and pediatric diaphragms,...

  • 3M Littmann Classic III Classic Stethoscope 3M 5622

    3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

    Package Count: 1The Littmann® Classic III™ Navy Blue Stethoscope is a good option for health monitoring at home. It helps in detecting normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms. This 3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ stethoscope has a single-piece 1.7-inch tunable...

  • Proscope 664 Disposable Stethoscope American Diagnostic Corp

    Proscope 664 Disposable Stethoscope

    A hybrid scope that combines a disposable chestpiece with a traditional lightweight aluminum alloy headset.Diaphragm only disposable ABS chest piece with non-chill rim for patient comfort22" PVC Y-tubingAluminum binauralsMay be ETO sterilizedWeighs 2.5...

    Starting at $2.99
  • Adscope 603 Classic Stethoscope American Diagnostic Corp 603

    Adscope 603 Stethoscope

    Package Count: 1Adscope 603 helps doctors and healthcare professionals to listen for abnormalities in the body. This stethoscope is more durable because it is made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials. With its Adjustable Frequency...

  • McKesson LUMEON Sprague Stethoscope McKesson Brand

    McKesson LUMEON Sprague Stethoscope

    Package Count: 1McKesson Lumeon Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope features a convertible chestpiece, patented valve mechanism, gasket-sealed system, and double-tube configuration in 22 inch length.Convertible chest piece permits the use of five...

    Starting at $8.99
  • McKesson Brand Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Combo Kit McKesson Brand

    McKesson Brand Size 11 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Combo Kit

    Pocket aneroid with color-coordinated professional Sprague scope. It is extra-large, color-matched, with a dual-pocket carrying case. It is ideal for nurses, PAs, and EMTs.Cuff Size: AdultThe 720 series pocket aneroid with color-coordinated professional...

    Starting at $34.99