Crutches & Accessories

  • McKesson Crutch Pillow McKesson Brand 146-RTL10355


    McKesson Crutch Pillows - Foam Pillows, Hand Grip Covers, Gray

    Crutch pillows are designed to provide a soft-cushioned surface for your hands and under arms while using crutches. They increase comfort for long-term crutch use. The Crutch Cushions are made from moisture-wicking material that keeps your skin dry,...

    Starting at $12.99
  • McKesson Crutch Accessory Kit McKesson Brand 146-RTL10395


    McKesson Crutch Accessory Kit - Armpit Covers, Hand Grips, Crutch Tips

    The kit contains six pieces. It includes 2 underarm cushions, 2 tips, and 2 hand grips. All of the pieces come in gray and are made of a solid foam that is easy on the user's skin but still supports the weight of the user. This kit does not come with any...

    Starting at $6.99