Pill Cutters & Crushers

Pill cutters and crushers
  • Acu-Life Pill Cutter Health Enterprises Inc 07957301115


    Acu-Life Hand Operated Pill Cutter Blue

    Medication dosing sometimes takes finessing. When only half a tablet is desired, reach for Acu-Life pill splitter. Acu-Life pill splitter has built-in pill compartments and splits tablets or pills of all sizes.Cover snaps tightly shut, so it's safe to...

  • Apothecary Products Pill Crusher Apothecary Products 71091

    Apothecary Products

    Apothecary Products Hand Operated Pill Crusher Blue

    Pill crusher pulverizes pills into a powder so you can easily give medication to those who find pills impossible to swallow. Excellent for pediatric and veterinarian applications. Pill crusher has large storage capacity for multiple pills.Crush pills by...

  • McKesson Pill Crusher McKesson Brand 63-6340


    McKesson Hand Operated Pill Crusher Clear

    Consider the pill crusher from McKesson to crush medications into a powder form. Powder form helps children and other individuals who find it difficult to swallow whole tablets. The hand-operated pill crusher turns tablets into a fine powder that can be...

  • Silent Knight Pill Crusher McKesson Brand SK-0500-LMP


    Silent Knight Hand Operated Pill Crusher Blue

    Silent Knight pill crusher pulverizes tablets into easy-to-consume powder.Simple and quick with minimal effort Quiet functionality won't disturb anyone Ergonomic handle accommodates all hands Eliminates cross-contamination for resident safety Use with...

  • McKesson Pill Cutter McKesson Brand 63-6341


    McKesson Hand Operated Pill Cutter Blue

    Split pills with minimal mess and effort with the McKesson hand operated pill cutter. This splitter serves patients and users that need to take granulate or powder-based tablets in half doses or cannot swallow whole pills. This blue pill cutter works...

Pill Cutters and Crushers Category Page
Simply Medical offers a variety of pill products for all your medication cutting and crushing needs. Shop for pill cutters and pill crushers from the comfort of your home, and enjoy quick shipping right to your front door.

What is a Pill Cutter?
Pill cutters are small tools that have sharp blades for cutting medications. The user places a tablet inside the cutter wedge, then he or she closes the cutter to make the interior blade come down on the pill to split it into two pieces. Typically made with stainless steel blades, pill cutters often feature a storage compartment for extra pills.

Why Do You Need a Pill Cutter?
A doctor might write a prescription that instructs you to take half a pill, or even a quarter of a pill. This means you will need to cut the medication to get to the correct dosage. Never use scissors or a knife to cut tablets—this could lead to injuries or uneven crumbling of medication. A pill cutter is exactly what you need to get to the right pill size. Pill cutters allow for a neat and precise slice.

What is a Pill Crusher?
Pill crushers crush medications into a powder form. Often made of plastic, pill crushers are usually durable, so they can withstand falls, tolerate rough use, and last a long time. Certain designs feature a clear body that allows users to monitor the pill during crushing, while others feature a storage compartment to keep extra pills or leftover doses clean and protected from outside environments.

Why Do You Need a Pill Crusher?
Pill crushers are necessary to help children and other individuals who find it difficult to swallow whole tablets. Hand-operated pill crushers turn tablets into fine powders that can be mixed into food or beverages for consumption.

Can I Cut or Crush All Pills?
No. Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist before cutting or crushing medication. Some pills are not meant to be cut or crushed, like coated tablets and time-release capsules. Examples exclude, but are not limited to: opioid tablets, birth control pills, anti-seizure medications, heartburn medication, and more.