Nursing & Maternity

Nursing and Maternity Supplies
  • Ceres Chill Breast Milk Chiller Container Ceres Chill Co CC-1-BC-L-ZN

    Ceres Chill

    Ceres Chill Breast Milk Chiller Container Stainless Steel 27 oz.

    With Ceres Chill's original breast milk cooler, forget the hassle of refrigerators, cumbersome ice packs or plastic containers and bottles. Simply pump directly into the cooler and benefit from up to 20 hours of reliable cooling. This unit is compatible...

  • Luna Double Electric Breast Pump Kit Motif Medical AAA0013-20


    Luna Double Electric Breast Pump Kit

    Sophisticated, strong, and soothing, The Luna is a powerful breast pump from Motif Medical, built for modern motherhood and proven to provide More Milk in Less Time®. Perfect for pumping at home, at your desk or in the car, the Luna comes with a...

  • Motif Breast Pump Backpack Motif Medical AAA0014-01


    Motif Breast Pump Backpack 6 X 12 X 17 Inch

    Motif's minimal and neutral breast pump backpack is durable and water-resistant. The bottom half of the bag has a large cooler for storing breast milk which will keep breast milk cold as you travel or commute to work. The backpack also features multiple...

  • Willow Wearable Double Electric 24 mm Breast Pump Kit Willow Innovations Inc PDW48


    Willow Wearable Double Electric 24 mm Breast Pump Kit

    Introducing the Willow 3.0 wearable breast pump, featuring an innovative zero-gravity latch for 360° leakproof mobility. This hands-free breast pump boasts of smart, hospital-grade suction that adapts to your body for optimal output. Notably, it stands...

  • Breast Pump Accessory Kit Mother's Milk Inc MM100240-24

    Mother's Milk Inc

    Breast Pump Accessory Kit 24 mm

    The Spectra SG Premium Accessory Kit replaces the original Spectra SG and SG Portable breast pump parts and helps maintain the proper suction and efficiency while pumping. Kits contents include one 24-millimeter breast flange, one 5-ounce Spectra wide...

  • SpeCtra Backflow Protector Mother's Milk Inc MM011992


    SpeCtra Backflow Protector 0.3 X 1 X 2.8 Inch

    Backflow protector creates a complete physical barrier between breast milk and the pump motor. This is a replacement part for Spectra S2, S1, S9 or M1 pumps.This protector prevents backflow from entering the breast pump motor or tubing to ensure a...

  • LaVie Lactation Massager Intrinsic Brands Inc LV-LM1-TEAL


    LaVie Lactation Massager for Breastfeeding, Reduces Discomfort

    Improve your breastfeeding with the LaVie Lactation Massager's effective stimulation, resolving issues like clogged ducts, delayed letdown, and engorgement discomfort. Its versatile vibration modes improve milk flow, making nursing and pumping easier and...

  • LaVie Warming Lactaion Massage Pad Intrinsic Brands Inc LV-WM-TEAL


    LaVie Warming Lactaion Massage Pad Silicone Teal

    Intrinsic Brands' warming lactation massage pads bring together heat and vibration to make your pumping and nursing experience better. Say hello to improved milk flow, quicker pumping sessions and clogged duct prevention. These massage pads are the...

  • Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookie Mix Oral Supplement Intrinsic Brands Inc MKB-CM-OCC-16OZ

    Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookie Mix

    Mommy Knows Best Lactation Cookie Mix Oral Supplement 16 oz.

    Any excuse to eat a cookie is a good one! All you need are one egg and 1 stick of unsalted butter to turn this mix into chocolate chip oatmeal cookies which will help breast milk increase – an important goal while breastfeeding your little one. Mommy...

Nursing and Maternity Supplies

Maternity care (like pre-natal vitamins), breast pumps, and nursing pads are three of the top items that are likely on your must-have list for maternity and nursing essentials. The problem is finding the right products. This guide will help you determine which nursing and maternity care products make the most sense to you.

Maternity Care and Nutrition
Start your maternity experience off in the right direction, beginning with a quality prenatal vitamin. It's best to get all the vitamins that you need from your diet. Yet, when you're carrying a developing baby, you need an extra boost that a quality prenatal vitamin can deliver.

Prenatal vitamins do more than keep your body healthy. They also deliver the vitamins and minerals your growing baby needs to ensure your baby's health as well.

A high-quality prenatal vitamin can help supplement a healthy diet rich in folic acid to deliver the nutrients you and your growing baby need. It can also help prevent congenital disabilities like neural tube defects that can cause things like spina bifida. Neural tube defects affect 3,000 pregnancies every year.

If you are expecting a baby, talk to your doctor before taking any medications or dietary supplements, including vitamins.

Efficient Breast Pumps
If you have decided to feed your infant breast milk, consider a quality breast pump to help. For many women, the milk supply comes in between two and five days after birth. You'll feed your baby colostrum during the initial days, which is a thicker, richer milk packed with nutrients and antibodies. After that, your regular milk supply comes in, and a breast pump can help in several ways, such as the following.

  • Save excess milk between feedings.
  • Preserve your milk supply if your newborn is being cared for in a neonatal intensive care unit
  • Encourage increased production when natural milk supply is low
Tip: If you experience a low breast milk supply, speak with your doctor or a qualified lactation consultant.

Types of Breast Pumps There are three types of breast pumps: electric and manual.
  • Manual breast pumps are an excellent option for on-the-go when you're away from a power supply.
  • Electric breast pumps come with adjustable settings to help control the power of the suction for your comfort.
  • A double electric breast pump allows you to pump both breasts at one time.
Tip: Breast milk stays good in the refrigerator for up to four days and the freezer for 12 months.

So don't waste a drop with an efficient breast pump by your side.

Control Leaks with Nursing Pads Prepare yourself for when your milk supply comes in. Leaks happen, and, thankfully, nursing pads are just the thing to help. Nursing pads come in disposable and reusable varieties. Disposable nursing pads are the perfect solution anytime, anywhere — on the go or at home. Slide a couple in your purse, diaper bag, or breast pump bag to keep leaks under control.

Whether you or a loved one is new to motherhood, having the right maternity and nursing essentials available at your fingertips makes a difference.