Ostomy Skin Care

Ostomy Skin Care Products
  • Eakin Cohesive Stoma Paste ConvaTec 839010


    Eakin Cohesive Stoma Paste 2.1 oz. Tube

    Use Eakin® Cohesive® Stoma Paste to create a more attachable flat surface on uneven skin. This stoma paste also aids in preventing leakage by forming a waterproof barrier around the stoma. Containing no alcohol the paste is skin sensitive and helps...

  • McKesson Ostomy Barrier Powder McKesson Brand 137-5724


    McKesson Ostomy Skin Barrier Powder, 1 oz Puff Bottle

    Absorbs moisture and enhances comfort from broken skin around the stoma or under the ostomy pouch Pectin-based powder forms a barrier for protection from itching, moist, irritated or broken skin Use with skin barrier film to complete the -crusting...

    As low as $12.50
  • Critic-Aid Ostomy Barrier Paste Coloplast 1944


    Critic-Aid Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste, Thick Moisture

    Critic-Aid® Barrier Paste helps prevent and treat skin irritation due to incontinence.A zinc oxide skin barrier paste which conditions sensitive, inflamed and denuded skin caused by caustic diarrhea or enzymatic drainage Used to protect or treat serious...

    As low as $13.18
  • Coloplast Ostomy Stoma Paste Coloplast 2650


    Coloplast Ostomy Stoma Paste, 2 oz

    The paste provides a secure seal yet remains soft and flexible in use Includes tube key for even application, less waste Lower alcohol content for less sting

    As low as $17.78
  • Brava Sting Free Skin Barrier Wipe Coloplast 120215


    Brava Sting Free Ostomy Skin Barrier Wipes - 2 3/4 in x 4 in

    Package Count: 30. Brava® Skin Barrier Wipes give the surface of your skin protection from various adhesives. They minimize irritation by leaving a thin, breathable film on your skin that dries in mere seconds without leaving behind any residue or...

  • Brava Adhesive Remover Coloplast 120115


    Brava Ostomy Adhesive Remover Wipes

    Package Count: 30. Apply a new bandage to protect a wound without any interference with Brava adhesive remover wipes. They come pre-moistened with a silicone-based and alcohol-free formula that quickly cleans the skin, effectively removing any adhesive...

  • Brava Sting Free Ostomy Barrier Paste Coloplast 12050


    Brava Ostomy Paste - Alcohol-Free, Sting-Free, 2 oz Tube

    The new alcohol-free and durable Brava Paste can help reduce leakage by filling creases and folds in the skin, thereby maintaining a tight fit between the stoma and ostomy barrier. The alcohol-free formulation is skin-friendly, has a skin-friendly...

  • Adapt Skin Barrier Paste Hollister 79301


    Adapt Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste, 0.5 Squeeze Tube

    Package Count: 20. Adapt skin barrier past is used to fill or caulk uneven skin contours to create a flatter surface. It can help to prevent drainage from getting under the ostomy skin barrier. It may help extend the wear time of the skin barrier.Use to...

  • Karaya Ostomy Barrier Powder Hollister 7905


    Karaya Ostomy Barrier Powder, 2 1/2 oz Puff Bottle

    Protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel Karaya, a natural hydrocolloid, has unique skin care properties Use sparingly to absorb moisture or exudate from skin prior to placing a skin barrier on peristomal skin Convenient to use; squeeze...

    As low as $21.73
  • Coloplast Prep Barrier Film Coloplast


    Coloplast Prep Protective Skin Barrier Wipes - Non-Sterile, 2 oz

    Protective skin barrier creates a "second skin" wherever added protection is required Fast-drying, non-cracking, non-peeling formula allows skin to breathe Coloplast prep is ideal protection for peristomal skin and any area subject to irritation or...

    As low as $15.54
Ostomy One Piece System | Ostomy Bags and Supplies
Your skin is a delicate organ, and proper ostomy skincare helps ensure that it stays healthy and free from irritation. There are a range of products that make taking care of the skin around your stoma simple and easy.

A one-piece system comes with either a drainable or closed pouch. The drainable pouch can have either a clip on the end or an integrated type closure that either Velcroes or interlocks closed. This type of pouch is meant to have its contents drained when the it is one-third of the way full. 

Cleansing wipes
Clean, dry skin is essential for good adhesion of your pouching system. Cleansing wipes may be a practical option to help keep skin healthy, especially if you need to change your pouch while on the go. Make sure you choose wipes intended for use with an ostomy, as other wipes may contain alcohol, which can be irritating.

Skin sealant
Skin sealant may be useful with sensitive adhesives or for those who have particularly dry or oily skin. Available as spray, wipes, roll-on, or gel, skin sealant (also known as skin prep) forms a protective barrier between your skin and your pouching system. It does double duty by protecting you from irritation and enhancing your skin's ability to accept adhesive.

Skin barrier products:
Skin barrier products are intended to fill in creases or other skin imperfections around your stoma, decreasing the possibility of leakage and subsequent skin irritation and breakdown. Several types of skin barrier products are available, including paste, powder, and rings or strips.
  • Tube paste. This is used to fill in small creases or other uneven areas near your stoma and should only be used in small amounts. Please note that skin barrier paste should not be used as a substitute for adhesive.
  • Strip paste. More versatile than tube paste, strip paste can be molded to fit the area around your stoma. Both types of paste can be used for ileostomy or colostomy care but are not recommended for people with a urostomy.
  • Rings or strips. Rings and strips (available in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses) are designed primarily to fill in creases around your stoma. They can be applied either directly to your skin or the back of your pouching system.
Adhesive remover
The adhesive remover does just that — removes the adhesive holding your pouching system in place. This can be invaluable if you have delicate skin or skin that tears easily. It is also useful for removing any sticky residue after taking off your pouch.

Waterproof tape or elastic barrier strips
These are useful for adding an extra layer of security for active people.

Skin barrier powder
If you already have irritation, skin barrier powder can help. This is a non-irritating powder that, when dusted over a “weepy” patch of skin, absorbs moisture, forms a protective crust, and allows the skin to begin healing. Spray the area with an alcohol-free skin sealant and allow it to dry fully before applying your pouching system.