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Ostomy Skin Care

  • Critic-Aid Ostomy Barrier Paste Coloplast 1944

    Critic-Aid Ostomy Barrier Paste

    Critic-Aid® Barrier Paste helps prevent and treat skin irritation due to incontinence.A zinc oxide skin barrier paste which conditions sensitive, inflamed and denuded skin caused by caustic diarrhea or enzymatic drainageUsed to protect or treat serious...

    Starting at $9.99
  • Coloplast Ostomy Stoma Paste Coloplast 2650

    Coloplast Ostomy Stoma Paste 2 oz

    The paste provides a secure seal yet remains soft and flexible in useIncludes tube key for even application, less wasteLower alcohol content for less sting

    Starting at $10.99
  • Brava Sting Free Skin Barrier Wipe Coloplast 120215

    Brava Sting Free Skin Barrier Wipe

    Package Count: 30Brava® Skin Barrier Wipes give the surface of your skin protection from various adhesives. They minimize irritation by leaving a thin, breathable film on your skin that dries in mere seconds without leaving behind any residue or build-up...

  • Brava Adhesive Remover Coloplast 120115

    Brava Adhesive Remover 30 per Box

    Package Count: 30Apply a new bandage to protect a wound without any interference with Brava® Adhesive Remover Wipes. They come pre-moistened with a silicone-based and alcohol-free formula that quickly cleans the skin, effectively removing any adhesive...

  • Brava Ostomy Paste Coloplast 12050

    Brava Ostomy Paste

    Sting-free protection against leakageThe new alcohol free Brava Paste fills folds and creases to maintain a tight fit between the stoma and the ostomy barriers to reduce leakageSkin-friendly

  • Securi-T Stoma Paste Genairex

    Securi-T Stoma Paste 2 oz. Tube

    Genairex Securi-T Stoma Paste is a pectin-based protective paste. It is used as a caulk to protect the skin around a stoma and is also used to fill in uneven skin surfaces where leakage around an appliance may occur. Alcohol-free.2 oz...

    Starting at $6.99
  • Sensi-Care Sting Free Skin Protectant Convatec 413502

    Sensi-Care Sting Free Skin Protectant 50 mL Spray Can

    50 mL Spray PumpCreates a breathable barrier that protects the skin from damage caused by adhesives, body waste and frictionIdea for daily use: no residue build up or bonding to skin foldsOn-going skin protection for up to 72 hours

  • Karaya Ostomy Barrier Powder Hollister 7905

    Karaya Ostomy Barrier Powder 2-1/2 oz. Puff Bottle

    Protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gelKaraya, a natural hydrocolloid, has unique skin care propertiesUse sparingly to absorb moisture or exudate from skin prior to placing a skin barrier on peristomal skinConvenient to use; squeeze bottle...