Trash Bags & Receptacles

Trash Bags and Receptacles
  • SharpSafety Sharps Container Cardinal 8991


    SharpSafety Plastic 18 Gallon Sharps Container 8991 NonSterile

    Getting stuck with a sharp (e.g. needle) is never fun but what's more, it's imperative healthcare workers and others be protected against the blood-borne pathogens needles et al. can carry. Use one of these SharpSafety large-volume containers with...

    Starting at $48.01
  • SharpSafety RCRA Waste Container Cardinal 8618RC


    SharpSafety RCRA Waste Container

    The PG II Rated containers allow for transport of sharps, cultures, and stocks. This rating eliminates the need for costly secondary packaging and provides a solution for safe disposal of sharps, chemotherapy waste, cultures and stocks.Designed to...

    Starting at $57.65
  • Sharps-A-Gator Sharps Container Cardinal 31143665


    Sharps-A-Gator Plastic 10 Gallon Sharps Container 31143665 NonSterile

    The Sharps-A-Gator multi-purpose sharps container makes disposal of large instruments and high volumes as efficient as possible.Designed for the convenient disposal of large instruments and high volumes Versatile lid features both a wide opening for...

    Starting at $30.76
  • SharpSafety Sharps Container Cardinal 8970


    SharpSafety Plastic 2 Gallon Sharps Container 8970 NonSterile

    Sharps container with rotor opening lid has adjustable opening to accommodate a variety of sharps sizes and provide temporary and permanent closure.Easy, simple assembly Containers lock for final disposal Nestable containers save valuable storage space...

    Starting at $12.43
  • SharpSafety Sharps Container Cardinal 8900SA


    SharpSafety Plastic 1 Quart Sharps Container 8900SA NonSterile

    Portable phlebotomy containers fit into Cardinal Health blood drawing trays for the practical disposal of blood, hypodermic and I.V. needles.Minimizes the potential for overfilling by stopping in the "full" position when it reaches maximum capacity, also...

    Starting at $10.54
  • SharpStar In-Room Sharps Container Cardinal 8537SA

    SharpStar In-Room

    SharpStar In-Room Plastic 3 Gallon Sharps Container 8537SA NonSterile

    SharpStar In-Room containers meet OSHA standards for ease of use and needlestick prevention, including one-handed disposal, secure closures, locking tabs positioned to keep hands out and an automatic shut-off mechanism to avoid overfilling...

    Starting at $19.74
  • Sharps-A-Gator Sharps Container Cardinal 31142222


    Sharps-A-Gator Plastic 2 Gallon Sharps Container 31142222 NonSterile

    Five-quart, red sharps bin has a sliding lid for ease of use. With a 2-gallon capacity, this sharps container holds used needles so no one will be accidentally pricked by them (the consequences of which could be serious).Sharps bin is red with a...

    Starting at $12.81
  • McKesson Trash Can with Plastic Liner McKesson Brand 81-45266


    McKesson Steel Trash Can with Plastic Liner White 32 Quart

    Safely dispose of and contain waste in medical environments and common areas with the McKesson Step-on Round Steel White Trash Can 32 quart. It has a removable plastic inner liner along with a durable and sturdy exterior steel construction. This trash...

  • Rubbermaid Defenders Trash Can RJ Schinner Co FGST12EPLWH

    Rubbermaid Defenders

    Rubbermaid Defenders Steel Trash Can White 12 gal.

    The Defenders® decorative refuse container is an ideal indoor waste receptacle for hospitals, doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities The step-on foot pedal enables hands-free operation, optimizing sanitary efforts Heavy-gauge, fire-safe steel...

  • McKesson Prevent Sharps Container McKesson Brand 2271


    McKesson Prevent Plastic 2 Gallon Sharps Container 2271 NonSterile

    Capacity: 2 Gallons Made of OSHA-compliant, puncture-resistant plastic Red plastic indicates biohazard material Translucent lid allows for visual monitoring of fill level Horizontal drop helps to maximize capacity Touchless deposit prevents unwanted...

    Starting at $12.23