Mobility & Orthopedics

  • Red Dot Electrode Skin Prep Abrader Tape 3M 2236

    Red Dot

    Red Dot Electrode Skin Prep Abrader Tape , 3/4 X 196 Inch

    The Red Dot™ Trace Prep Abrader Tape abrades the skin prior to applying electrode to improve trace quality. Designed to remove the non-conductive skin layer to achieve a better trace quality. There is one roll of tape per pack.A gentle 3M abrasive...

  • Kinesio Tex Gold FP Kinesiology Tape KMS LLC GKT15024FP

    Fabrication Enterprises

    Kinesio Tex Gold FP Water Resistant Beige Kinesiology Tape 6 per Box

    Package Count: 6. Manage pain and edema with Kinesio® Tex Gold™ FP Kinesiology Tape. This tape lightly adheres to skin, applying pressure to tissues as the tape wraps around. Its wave pattern provides enhanced technology and stimulation to the epidermis...

  • Jay Basic Seat Cushion Sunrise Medical 309

    Jay Basic

    Jay Basic Foam Seat Cushion Black 20 Inch Width

    The JAY® Basic wheelchair cushion is a soft, mildly contoured durable foam base designed for the client with very low risk of skin breakdown who requires mild stability. Designed to reduce hammocking this seat cushion helps keep the seating surface level...

  • dynarex Gait Belt Dynarex 4352


    dynarex Off-White Cotton Gait Belt with Metal Buckle, 60 Inch Length

    Dynarex Gait Belts are designed to help assist patients during transfers and help prevent back injuries in caregivers. These gait belts provide a convenient patient transfer solution for hospitals and personal useProvides secure hold for caregivers and...

  • Baseline Goniometer Fabrication Enterprises 12-1000


    Baseline Goniometer Plastic 12 Inch Arm Length

    The Baseline Plastic Goniometer is transparent device which permits observation of a joint's axis of motion and its range of motion. It assists in physical therapy by determining range of motion of a joint as well as evaluating and gauging recovery after...

  • Strap Athletic Tape Nutricare USA LLC STRBLCT


    STRAP Bamboo Athletic Tape, Perforated Body Tape, 1.97 in x 5.5 yd

    STRAP is a natural and breathable strapping tape made from 100% organic certified bamboo fibers. Lightweight yet strong, the tape offers maximum comfort and support. Hypoallergenic and latex- and plastic-free, STRAP tape is ideal for injury prevention...

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  • Hartmann Co-Lastic Cohesive Bandage Hartmann


    Hartmann Co-Lastic Multi-color Self-adherent Closure Cohesive Bandage

    Co-Lastic nonsterile cohesive highly elastic bandage can be used for securing splints and peripheral devices, managing edema, as a positioning aid during procedures and for a wide range of applications. Skin-friendly alternative to tape for patients with...

  • Premier Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica Bird & Cronin 08144562


    Premier Black Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica, for Right Hand

    Use your fingers as your normally would while wearing Bird & Cronin's Premier wrist brace with thumb spica stabilizes, immobilizes and protects the wrist and thumb. Its removable aluminum radial stay immobilizes the MCP (metacarpophalangeal) joint and...