Ostomy Products You Will Need

There’s a wide array of ostomy products available, as you’ll soon learn after your surgery. Your wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nurse can help you learn to use them and figure out the brands and types you prefer.

Ostomy Skin Barrier

The skin barrier (often called a wafer, baseplate or flange) adheres to the peristomal skin and connects the stoma to your pouching system. a skin barrier that provides a close fit and a tight seal with your skin. Options include:


  • Pre-sized skin barriers with a pre-cut opening for the stoma
  • Cut-to-fit skin barriers that can be cut to match your stoma’s exact size and shape
  • Moldable or shape-to-fit skin barriers that can be stretched for a snug fit around the stoma
  • Convex skin barriers that are curved to fit stomas that are flush with the skin or retracted
  • Accordion or floating flange skin barriers that make it easier to connect an ostomy pouch without pushing on your abdomen

Ostomy Pouches

An ostomy pouch is the plastic bag that collects and stores output from your stoma. The pouch can be a one-piece system, with a skin barrier attached. These have a lower profile, can be easier to conceal, and feel more secure. However, they also take more time and effort to replace, because the skin barrier must be peeled off every time you change your ostomy system.

In a two-piece ostomy system, the pouch can be changed while the skin barrier remains in place. Two-piece systems are a little bulkier, but they can be more convenient and less irritating to the peristomal skin.

Other options include:


  • A drainable ostomy pouch with an open end that unfolds, unrolls or unclips so you can empty it into the toilet
  • A closed-end ostomy pouch is removed and thrown away when it’s 1/3 to 1/2 full. Or, you can use a disposable liner to collect output and flush it, and then reuse the pouch.
  • A pediatric ostomy pouch is made for children, but some adults prefer using them because they’re small and discreet.
  • A stoma cap is a very small, closed pouch that can be worn for a brief period of time (or longer, if the wearer performs colostomy irrigation, or has a continent ostomy.)

Ostomy Products and Accessories

There’s a long list of accessories and products that exist to help people live comfortably with an ostomy. You may find that you need just a few of them, or that you prefer to keep several in your ostomy toolkit.


  • Stoma paste can fill in uneven skin surfaces to prevent any output from leaking under the skin barrier
  • Ostomy barrier rings are molded around the stoma to protect the peristomal skin and ensures a tight fit with your pouching system
  • Stoma powder helps dry moist, broken peristomal skin, enabling a better seal with the skin barrier.
  • Skin barrier wipes or spray create a protective film on your peristomal skin, guarding it against damage
  • Adhesive strips hold your skin barrier in place during exercise, swimming or other activities
  • Adhesive remover makes the skin barrier easier to take off. Adhesive remover wipes clean residue from the peristomal skin.
  • Lubricating deodorant drops are added to the pouch to reduce odor when emptying, as well as helping contents flow to the bottom of the pouch
  • Ostomy pouch liners are removable and flushable, allowing you to reuse a closed ostomy pouch more than once
  • An ostomy belt attaches to tabs on an ostomy pouch, holding it securely in place
  • A stoma guard protects the stoma from injury or impact
  • A shower cover keeps your ostomy pouching system dry while you shower
  • A seatbelt ostomy protector protects your stoma and/or ostomy pouching system from friction and pressure
  • An ostomy pouch cover can conceal the pouch and make it more comfortable to wear
  • Ostomy wraps and garments can support the weight of the pouch as well as flattening and concealing it

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