How to Use an Ostomy Barrier Ring

An ostomy barrier ring is a flexible, stretchy ring placed around the stoma. A barrier ring protects the peristomal skin and ensures a tight fit with your pouching system.

Barrier rings are more durable than paste and can be used on irritated skin. Different sizes, shapes and thicknesses are available, including slim barrier rings and convex rings, which support the peristomal skin when stomas do not protrude from the abdomen. Rings can be stacked, stretched, shaped or cut for a custom fit.

This quick guide will show you how to apply an ostomy barrier ring.

Step 1: Clean your peristomal skin

Wash your hands, then clean the skin around your stoma as your healthcare provider recommends, either with water or with a gentle soap. Rinse and dry the skin. Don’t use any alcohol, lotions or oils on your skin.

Step 2: Take out the barrier ring

Remove the ostomy barrier ring from its plastic tray, then peel off the protective coverings from both sides.

Step 3: Stretch and shape the barrier ring

Gently stretch the ring to ensure a good fit. You can adjust it to fit an oval or irregular stoma.

Step 4: Apply the barrier ring to your skin barrier

Place the ring on the adhesive part of your ostomy skin barrier. If you’re using a convex barrier ring, make sure to attach the flat side of the ring to the barrier, so the curved side will be in contact with your skin.

You can stack rings together, or cut them and apply pieces of the ring for a secure fit.

Step 5: Or, apply the barrier ring to your skin

You can also apply the ring directly to your clean, dry skin.

Step 6: Apply your pouching system

Attach your one-piece or two-piece ostomy pouch as usual. When it’s time to remove your skin barrier, the barrier ring will come off with it and can be discarded.

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