How to Use Stoma Paste

Stoma paste protects the skin around your stoma, preventing irritation and increasing wear time. It also can fill in gaps between your skin barrier and stoma if you have an uneven skin surface, or a stoma that is retracted or flush with your skin.

Stoma paste isn’t glue — it doesn’t help adhere the ostomy skin barrier. Rather, it helps prevent leaks from your ostomy pouching system that can damage your skin. If you find that the paste stings or irritates your skin, try using a barrier ringinstead. 

This quick guide will show you how to apply stoma paste.

Step 1: Remove the liner on your skin barrier

Do this first, before beginning the rest of the pouch change/application process.

Step 2: Apply a thin ring of stoma paste

Squeeze a ring of paste around the inner edge of the ring on your skin barrier. Or, if you prefer, you can apply the paste directly to clean, dry skin around your stoma. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, while you prepare to apply the pouching system.

Step 3: Apply your one- or two-piece ostomy pouch as usual

Center the skin barrier opening on the stoma and gently press it against the skin for a minute.