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Glucocard Vital Glucose Test Strips 50/Box

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Arkray GLUCOCARD Vital Test Strips are designed for the use with GLUCOCARD Vital Blood Glucose Monitoring System and help facilitate test procedure. The Strips require as little as 0.5 μL of blood sample. The blood sample can be easily applied to the sample application tip of the strip that contains enzyme. All the further test procedure is carried out automatically by the Monitoring System and shows test results in juts 7 seconds.

  • Test strips can be used with GLUCOCARD Vital
  • 3 month expiration dating
  • 0.5 uL sample size
  • Glucose Oxidase
  • Biosensor technology

Product Specifications

Blood Glucose Test Strips
Arkray USA
0.3 Liter Small Sample Size
For Use With:
For Glucocard Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter
Number per Pack:
50 Strips per Box
Delivery Within 2-7 Business Days

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