Showers & Sitz Bath

  • McKesson Diverter Valve McKesson Brand 146-RTL12046


    McKesson Diverter Valve for Handheld Shower Head

    The McKesson Diverter Valve is designed to deliver a 3-way connection between shower arm, showerhead, and handheld shower hose. Easy to install and works with most handheld shower sprays.Allows user to divert water flow from the regular shower head to...

  • McKesson Handheld Shower McKesson Brand 146-RTL12045


    McKesson Handheld Showerhead with Massage Settings - 84 in Hose

    The McKesson Deluxe Handheld Showerhead with Massager is designed for use with a shower chair, bench, stool or when an attendant is assisting. Complete with 3 different spray options, including full body spray, full body spray with pulsating massage and...