Safety & Grab Bars

  • McKesson Bathtub Mat McKesson Brand 146-12950


    McKesson Bathtub Mat, White

    Bath mat is designed to provide a slip resistant surface to users while showering and bathing. The bottom side of this mat features multiple suction cups that secure it to the tub floor. It has a contoured cut design that allows it to easily fit around...

    Starting at $12.99
  • drive Wall Grab Bar Drive Medical 12132-3


    drive Wall Grab Bar, Chrome Finish

    Knurled Chrome Grab Bars provide an added safety measure by allowing the patient something sturdy and easy to grip. This can help to prevent the patient from falling, or over exerting themselves when performing these day to day activities. This shower...

    Starting at $16.99
  • McKesson Suction-Cup Grab Bar McKesson Brand 146-RTL13082


    McKesson Suction-Cup Grab Bar, White

    Suction Cup Grab Bar brings peace of mind for individuals who require assistance getting in and out of the bathtub. This sturdy, versatile hand hold makes it possible for those with limited mobility to balance on the slick bathtub floor. This unique hand...

    Starting at $10.99
  • McKesson Rotating Suction-Cup Grab Bar McKesson Brand 146-RTL13084


    McKesson Rotating Suction-Cup Grab Bar, White

    The rotating suction cup grab bar, 19¾ inches, adheres to almost any smooth surface without the need for tools. The benefit of its rotating design is it gives you the freedom to create a straight or angled grab bar. In addition, this Bathroom Grab Bar...

    Starting at $19.99